In Santa Cruz they wage war on the white-legged mosquito

Fumigation starts after 6 in the afternoon

To prevent diseases such as Dengue, Zika and Chicungunya, transmitted by the white-legged mosquito, the Lamas mayor's office implemented a night-time fumigation plan in 34 communities in Santa Cruz.

The information was released by Dr. Tony García, municipal director of Health, who explained that the plan will be extended for 15 days, to benefit more than 50 thousand inhabitants of the Aragüeña town. "We will be visiting each community to prevent the appearance of the dengue virus, carrying out fumigations after 6 in the afternoon, which is when the transmitting mosquito is most active," he explained.

He added that to date the communities of Surupey, La Frontera, La Morenera, La Capilla III, Santa Eduvigis, Residencias Santa Cruz I and II stage, and Los Mangos have been served; and added that they will continue working until all areas of the municipality are covered.

Roads and infrastructure

In another vein, Mayor Erick Ramírez stressed that reconstruction and rehabilitation work on the Unión bridge continues, specifically on Hernández Nadal street that connects the Andrés Eloy Blanco sector with the Central District of Santa Cruz, a work that has support of the National Executive.

“We hope to finish the works in the next 60 days, in order to restore vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area. The works include demolition, construction of access ramps, foundations, streams for the conduction of rainwater and resurfacing work ”, explained the president.



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