Ilenia Medina: The US fails to comply with the United Nations charter

The deputy to the National Assembly, Ilenia Medina, stressed that in the United Nations Organization there should be a debate regarding the US for failing to comply with the articles of the charter of that international organization. 

The parliamentarian offered a television interview where she assured that the UN Permanent Council "is the one that provokes the great conflicts."

He also assured that in the case of Venezuela "it is very delicate because both Russia, the US and the countries of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) are nuclear states that have weapons of mass destruction."

In the same way, he asserted that the statements of the national security adviser to the US president, Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan, "is a provocation by the US government", and recalled that Venezuela is surrounded by US military bases on the Colombian border.

The parliamentarian stressed that "the most precious value that a country has is peace," and said that former deputy Juan Guaidó "must be arrested along with all his accomplices" complying with due process. 



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