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Hidrocentro solved problems in Tinaquillo through the VenApp

The hydrologic reported that most of the requests made through the system are for water service

The Hydrologic Center (Hydrocenter) Cojedes solved faults in the drinking water main pipe of the Virgen del Carmen sector, Tinaquillo municipality, Cojedes state, this Monday as part of the responses to the requests made through the 1×10 of the Good Government.

Last Friday, the hydrology company received the request from the affected communities, who had been suffering from a lack of drinking water due to the loss of approximately 48 liters of water per second, caused by this failure.

Eminel Zapata, a resident of the El Rosal sector, stated that the request was made in a simple way by the application, only uploading photos and making the report.

“I got a response the same day. The people from Hidrocentro showed up to carry out the inspection and subsequent work in record time. It really has been a blessing because we had already been asking different entities for a solution to this problem that affects more than five thousand families,” Zapata said.

The Virgen del Carmen, El Rosal, Mathias Salazar and Candelaria I communities were the most affected sectors, since with the water leak the flow lost strength and it was not possible to pump to the homes in the area.

Francisco Benítez, sectoral vice president of Hidrocentro Cojedes, explained that 5 meters of HDPE pipe and 6 mechanical joints of the same density were replaced on site, with which the workers were able to fully restore the functions of this main pipe that distributes water from the Tirgua de Tinaquillo Water Treatment Plant in the center of the municipality.

Likewise, he reported that work began on the main pipe of the Hilanderias sector, also in Tinaquillo, where repairs will be made to leaks of the vital liquid, with which they hope the supply of drinking water can be solved and improved in all the communities of this municipality. 

Hydrocenter workers deployed in the nine municipalities of Cojedes 

Lawsuits to Hidrocentro

The regent of Hidrocentro Cojedes stressed that most of the town's demands for the new VenApp system are due to drinking water problems, so the hydrological staff is deployed in the state to meet the requests of the Cojedeños.

Benítez declared that inspections have been carried out and cases have been dealt with in the nine municipalities, highlighting the repairs in the battery of wells of the San Carlos Breeding Center, responsible for bringing water to the entire southern area of ​​the capital municipality. 

"We have recovered three wells there, installed totally new and high-tech equipment, electrification of the same, the securing and protection of the equipment, which has led us to go from 40 to 86 liters per second," reported the person in charge of Hidrocentro.

He also stressed that through the Ministry of Water Services, they are working to recover another well and bring pumping to 100 liters per second for the more than 60 communities in the southern zone. 

In the municipality of Tinaco, the hydrology staff installed a 50-liter-per-second pump to improve intake and continue work on the engines for the prompt installation of a new pump with which they estimate to distribute 120 liters per second to the entire municipality. 


Regarding sewage, Benítez highlighted that 70 meters of 8-inch collector were recently replaced in San Carlos; while in Cojedito Anzoátegui municipality, a sewage pumping station was recovered, in addition to the installation of a pump, components, boards and the complete recovery of the infrastructure.

In the Ricaurte municipality, specifically in the La Manga sector, a complaint was also addressed through the VenApp application, where the sewage station that was paralyzed for a while was rehabilitated with the placement of new components, electric float, downspout and electrification and infrastructure improvements. 

The sectoral vice president of Hidrocentro stated that they continue to heed the call of the people and the lines of President Nicolás Maduro through the VenApp 

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