How Numa Molina came across the miracle of José Gregorio

By Marlyn Dalila Cavaniel Ramírez / National Radio of Venezuela

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, promoted the beatification of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández. According to an investigation carried out by the Subcommittee on Religious Freedom of the AN, the case was presented to the Vatican 72 years ago, and the file did not register proceedings between 1986 and 2013.

Numa Molina, a Venezuelan priest, declared exclusively for a special program, hosted by journalist Isbemar Jiménez, the details of the long process that finally led the Catholic Church to beatify the eminent Venezuelan doctor, José Gregorio Hernández.

In March 2013, Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope. He was the first Latin American priest to assume such responsibility, and in June of the same year, President Maduro visited the Pope. The priest Numa Molina, witnessed the meeting, “I saw when the President gave the statuette of José Gregorio to the Pope, and later in his private audience, that was one of the topics of conversation. President Maduro asked the Pope to beatify José Gregorio, "said Numa Molina.

On that occasion, Pope Francis asked the Venezuelan President to send him a correspondence with a trusted person and deliver it to him. Some time later, the head of state, Nicolás Maduro, asked the priest Numa Molina to bring a letter to the Pope.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry requested the hearing, but it was not possible. However, Numa Molina, who in addition to being a priest is a journalist, appealed to one of his friends, specifically, a brother of the congregation who worked with the Holy Father, the priest Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See, and with him he obtained the appointment.

«I left, and on August 14 at 11 in the morning, Pope Francis received me at his private residence in Santa Marta. We spoke for an hour, and among the things that President Maduro proposed to the Pope was that he please not forget the beatification of José Gregorio Hernández ».

The priest Molina said that when they reached that point, "the Pope was silent for a moment and then he said: men like José Gregorio unite peoples." The Pope commissioned his brother Molina to return to Venezuela and assess the status of the process.

As the highest authority of the Catholic Church, he did not give the instruction in writing, Numa Molina was unable to meet with the vice postulator of the cause, and was forced to communicate to the Pope that he was unable to fulfill the mission. Narrated the Jesuit priest, who was left with a void, however, after 4 years, just when a brother had to undergo emergency surgery, he met the neurosurgeon Alexander Krinitzky, who told him about his medical experience with the girl, Yaxury Solórzano Ortiz.

«He told me the story, after several hours of the girl being injured, he received her with a shot in the head, he opened it, cleaned it and closed it. Several neurosurgeons agreed that if the girl did not die, she would be in a coma. The great surprise is that after 10 days, the girl came to the office fully recovered, "explained Molina that Dr. Krinitzky was so surprised that he told her that the case was going to be presented at an international congress on neurosurgery.

Numa Molina, after hearing such testimony, was speechless. The next day, in a moment of prayer, he wondered if that would be a miracle for José Gregorio Hernández, and since then, he was filled with joy. He called Dr. Krinitzky, and asked him if he had consulted Yaxury's mother, if he had asked God, Jesus, the Virgin or some saint, and the doctor replied that he had not. It is important to note that the doctor, although he was baptized a Catholic, was not a believer or devotee.

Numa asked him to contact the patient, but it was not possible because they had no time to go to the consultation, and they had no communication. Miraculously, three days later, the girl was taken by her mother to see the doctor, and just as Numa had suggested, the doctor questioned the mother, and the lady actually told him that she asked José Gregorio not to let her die. your girl. In addition, she testified that, at the time of the operation, she saw a doctor with a white hat enter the operating room, who beforehand put his hand on her shoulder, and told her to stay calm because her daughter was going to be fine; did not see him leave.

From that moment, the process began. Numa Molina, asked the doctor to prepare a report, the priest Molina spoke with the parish priest of La Candelaria Church, Gerandino Barracchini, defender of the cause of the saints of the Archdiocese of Caracas, and he spoke with Silvia Correale, the new Postulator at the Vatican, the court was installed, and the scientific investigation began, which included interviews with the family, doctors and witnesses to the miracle. The process lasted more than a year, and finally, on April 30, 2021, the beatification was finalized.

«I realized that God loves me, that he is always with me and will never fail me. I was a humble instrument to serve the Venezuelan people, who declared José Gregorio Hernández a saint, from the day of his burial. Today the people are happy, and I am also happy, "concluded Numa Molina.



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