Heavy rains continue in the South Lake

Bad weather prevents progress in the rehabilitation of collapsed bridges in the state

The mayor of the municipality of Colón, Blagdimir Labrador, reported that heavy rainfall continues in the area of ​​the South of the Lake, which prevents progress in the rehabilitation work of the collapsed bridges in the town. 

Labrador assured that despite the climatic changes, efforts are being maintained to restore vehicular traffic in the area, which will facilitate care for more than 200 families affected by the floods. «Today we are with the Cagua Corps of Engineers and the Military Engineers Corps, combining efforts to advance the great strategy we have, and continue to ensure the food, health and social security of the people together with the representatives of the Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor, "he said. 

The inspections carried out on the La Gallera bridges, in the La Fortuna sector and the Caño Blanco bridge, located in the El Paraíso sector of the Urribarrí parish of the Colón municipality, the body of engineers in charge of the Chama river channeling plan and restoration of both connection channels, indicated that the restoration work has been affected by the heavy rainfall recorded in the South of the Lake, which will last for a period of 10 days according to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh).

Regina Spera, regional director of the Ministry of People's Power for Transportation reported that the amount and intensity of the river flow that circulates through both bridges prevents the reestablishment of the passage. "Because the bridge conditions changed, it was necessary to re-evaluate the strategies, originally it had been studied to make an extension with an approximate length of 12 linear meters of the La Gallera bridge, but currently the length has changed as a result of the strong climatic conditions," explained Spera .

For his part, Marcos Romero, a recognized social leader, thanked Mayor Blagdimir Labrador for supporting the 46 producers affected by the loss of 279 hectares of bananas.

Efforts to reestablish vehicular traffic in the area are maintained,


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