Hair: whoever asks for an invasion will be treated as an invader

The deputy celebrated with the Guaireño people the arrival of the Bicentennial Libertarian Torch. Courtesy photo

Deputy Diosdado Cabello, head of the national bloc in the National Assembly, had a special participation in the ceremonies of reception of the Bolivarian Libertarian Torch in the state of La Guaira, a place that also celebrated the rejection of the armed incursion led by US mercenaries. and traitorous Venezuelans, known as Operation Gideon.

He highlighted the petty character of those who organized this aggression against the homeland. “The agreement that the US has with Mr. Guaidó is to turn Venezuela into a colony of that country. It will have to go over the corpse of the vast majority of Venezuelans, including people from the opposition, ”he said.

He said that "we win with intelligence, with perseverance, but also with audacity."

“They brought their weapons, they brought their equipment and they brought their hatred. The contract contemplated the laying of antipersonnel mines, and what a coincidence they are now using them. They are the same people, "he said about the attacks in Apure state.

He told the aggressors and those who continue to think about continuing the attacks on the homeland "surrender, you are surrounded by the people, by love, by people who want to live in peace, but not the peace of the tombs."

"They can make mistakes, we are the ones who cannot make mistakes, and every time they make mistakes, we gain space," he said, recalling the words of Commander Chávez.

He alerted the patriotic forces of the country that we are still very far from ceasing this type of aggression against the peace of the country. "Anyone who believes that these attacks against Venezuela are over is watching another movie."

Finally, he reminded the enemies of the independence of the homeland that “anyone who asks for an invasion against our homeland, should be given the same treatment that is given to the invaders. Because we are not going to go to war with an infiltrated fifth column, it would be childish, "he said.



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