They guarantee potable water supply to families in Tinaquillo

Cojedes government authorities activated well No. 4 of the Industrial Zone in the Tinaquillo municipality, a project carried out thanks to the Federal Government Council (CFG), which supplies four of the municipality's communities.

Indalecio Sánchez, governor (e) of Cojedes, assured during the working day that this well also allows the filling of cisterns, which transfer the vital liquid to communities where it does not yet arrive through pipes.

Likewise, and through the Public Services Secretariat attached to the Cojedes Government, the recovery of the drinking water distribution network and the repair of a deep well that supplies about 1500 families in the Matías Salazar sector was carried out; Another well also in Axis III of the Tinaquillo municipality, specifically in the Caño Claro II sector, was put into operation.

"We continue to work on strengthening public services, an order from our commander President Nicolás Maduro, which we here in Cojedes carry out in a disciplined manner," said the Governor.

To close the day in the Lima Blanco municipality, the repair progress of the Tamanaco bridge, located in Troncal 005, in whose structure the joints are being rehabilitated, were inspected and in the next few days the pertinent maintenance and paint application will be carried out. on the sides of the structure.



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