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Guanta gave the pre shout of Carnival

The "Great New Year's Comparsa 2022", which begins the preparations for Carnival 2022, was held this Saturday in the Guanta municipality, northern Anzoátegui state.

Mayor Natali Bello, present at the celebration, highlighted through social networks that "Guanta is 100% tradition."

In the publication it is detailed that "to the rhythm of the Buggy,« La Rosca del Calipso "welcomed the year 2022”.

The concentration began in the Negro Vito field in the Chorrerón sector, to culminate in the Plaza Francisco de Miranda, where the crowd was received with a bubble bath and a musical show.

With the promise of offering the best carnival festivals, the mayor of the Píritu municipality in the Anzoátegui state, Jesús Méndez, also promoted the customary shout of Carnival.

The concentration went through the main streets and avenues of the population to the rhythm of the Buggy of the Grand Slam Dimenshion Calipso.