They grant 50 property titles to homes in Coro

Photo: courtesy of the Falcón Governorate

As part of the attention of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (Gmvv), 50 property titles were granted to their homes, corresponding to various urban developments in the Miranda municipality in Falcón state.

The Secretary of Finance of the State Government, María Alejandra Padrón, indicated that through the secretariat and the office for the recovery of housing loans, the process of handing over property titles in urban areas of the city of Coro was carried out . 

"50 Falconian families already have ownership of their homes belonging to the Libertadores, Francisco de Miranda, Arístides Calvani and Las Eugenia urbanisms, and that in the days before Good Night they bring the joy to their homes of having their own house," he said. Census. 

He informed that these deliveries will be made consecutively every three months after reviewing all administrative and legal requirements, which had been postponed as a result of the pandemic, but that they will be reactivated, covering the biosafety protocols and that are currently required in the face of covid-19, planning to reactivate new deliveries for the first quarter of 2021. 



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