Grandparents of the Baruta municipality are vaccinated against covid-19

The Mayor's Office was the headquarters arranged by the Ministry of Health to carry out the day

As of this Saturday, grandparents and grandmothers of the Baruta municipality were summoned through the Patria System to apply the first dose of the vaccine against covid-19, thereby complying with the lines issued by the National Government, to immunize the sectors that pose a greater risk.

Older adults who are summoned through message 3532 must present themselves at the Mayor's Office of the Baruta municipality, headquarters set up by the Ministry of Popular Power for Health to carry out said session.

It is important to consider that the people summoned do not need to present their national card to be vaccinated. The operations are totally free and no more is required than the willingness to keep the appointment previously reported by text message.

These health operations proposed by the authorities are part of the health measures to protect the population, flatten the contagion curve and neutralize the effects of the new Brazilian variant of covid-19.



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