Government gave social aid and credits to fishermen in Maneiro

Social Action of Corpo Nueva Esparta responded to the request for a wheelchair for Mr.Richard Silva

The protector of the Nueva Esparta state, Dante Rivas, reported that the Bolivarian Government delivered 24 social benefits including medicines, tanks, kitchens, fans, wheelchairs and food to families of the Maneiro municipality and 19 credits in fishing equipment to producers of the sea. same jurisdiction.

Richard Silva, recently suffered from the amputation of a leg, for which he needed a wheelchair to be able to move around, made the request to the Corpo Nueva Esparta Social Action team and received an immediate response.

“Grateful to President Nicolás Maduro, the protector Dante Rivas and the street boss of my community who supported me in making the request. I am receiving a wheelchair to be able to mobilize, I am receiving great support and delivery was very fast, ”said Mr. Silva.

Alexis Ramos is diabetic and hypertensive for which he requires permanent medications, which he received from Corpo Nueva Esparta.

"I have always had the support of the protector Dante Rivas, for that my family is very grateful and I tell the people to trust our revolutionary process, which has the will to help Venezuelan families, facing all economic shocks," he said. Ramos.

The protector of Nueva Esparta pointed out that these deliveries are being made weekly as part of the comprehensive community approach that has traveled through the 11 municipalities of the island entity.

“For us, health cases are a priority, health is the first thing we know that there are families who do not have the possibility to buy a wheelchair and there we are, working together with our president Nicolás Maduro, the Bolivarian mayors and the PSUV to give an answer to our people, "he said.

Regarding the credits granted to the fishermen, he said that 2.150 dollars were invested through the Fisherman's and Aquaculture's Supply Office. "We are delivering 19 kits between boat, longline, hammock and spare."



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