GNB seized 44 kilos of drugs and arrested nine people

The Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) seized 44 kilos of drugs in the last hours: 30,536 kilos of cocaine and 14,290 kilos of marijuana, according to reports from that military component. Nine people were arrested in the proceedings. 

One of the seizures took place at the “Jacinto Lara” Citizen Service Point, located at the entrance to Barquisimeto (Lar), where they detained Danielys Andrea Willianms Mora, who was traveling in a public transport unit carrying among his belongings two wrappers weighing 1 kilo 530 grams of cocaine. The drug was hidden in two shampoo bottles. The vehicle came from Maracaibo and was heading to Caracas. 

In Zulia, there were two procedures, one of them at the Puente Venezuela checking point, where they captured Jean Carlos Celis Sánchez and Jesús Arcila Delgado, who came as passengers in public transport from La Fría (Tac) to Maracaibo (Zul) . These subjects brought three wrappers (2 kilos 926 grams) of cocaine hidden in coffee packages.  

And in the checking point of El Batazo (Zul), the military troops arrested Edward Arturo Muñoz Finol, who was walking through the site carrying eight marijuana paneles which added 7 kilos 855 grams of marijuana put in a bag.   

In Amazonas, agents attached to the El Burro Coastal Surveillance Command detained Gridis Roxana Gonzales Villasmil, who was traveling on an Empire Horse motorcycle plates A02B98A through the Las Terrazas sector, Caicara del Orinoco. The woman carried a box with 19 plastic containers filled with cocaine, which added up to 20 kilos.  

While in the Peracal (Tac) checking point, the military checked a public transport unit that was heading to San Cristóbal (Tac) and in which Keiri Daniuska Gil Zapata and Milagros Breikel Zapata Torres were traveling. These women had 18 wrappers with a total weight of 6 kilos 80 grams of cocaine and six packs of marijuana that totaled 2 kilos 125 grams. The drug shipment was hidden inside potatoes that had previously been opened to introduce it.  

In that same Peracal checking point, the GNB arrested Sarahi Verónica Castellar Guaramaima and Alejandro Sánchez Veliz, who were coming as passengers on a bus from San Antonio del Táchira bound for Puerto la Cruz (Anz). Sarai and Alejandro were carrying two packs of marijuana weighing 4 kilos 310 grams hidden inside a spare part for a vehicle, specifically a turbine.  

The detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry for criminal prosecution. 


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