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Gabriela Jiménez: More than 30 thousand children have been trained in robotics

The minister highlighted that Venezuela is preparing a "powerful delegation" to participate in the robotics Olympics to be held in September in Türkiye

More than 30 thousand 972 children of the country have been trained in robotics through the programs carried out by the Ministry of Science and Technology to guide the vocation of these young people, reported the Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jimenez.

“These young people have been trained in more than 200 free public spaces, which have access to the Internet, the facilitators and the devices to build what they dream of. These children voluntarily go to their schools or to the Infocenters where they get specialists trained in the ministry to guide them in this area,” the Minister highlighted in a television interview this Tuesday.

Likewise, the head of Science and Technology highlighted that Venezuela is preparing a “powerful delegation” to participate in the robotics Olympics to be held in September in Türkiye.

Guide vocations towards science and technology

On the other hand, Jiménez explained that the prioritized careers of the National Entry System 2024 are engineering, health sciences and those that have to do with basic sciences to enhance the capacity of students.

“We guide the vocation with careers that have to do with the challenge of new times, which have to do with digital transformation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, bio medicine, electro medicine, bio mechanics,” he said. , while highlighting that the country's scientists are trained, for the most part, in public universities.

In this sense, he highlighted that the Venezuelan State guarantees an installed park of university infrastructure for the training of Venezuelan youth.

Likewise, he recalled that, until July 3, the call will be open for the delivery of postgraduate, master's and doctoral scholarships, aimed at scientists and specialists.

On the other hand, the minister assured that the Great Mission of Science, Technology and Innovation recognizes that it is a dialogue of knowledge and the productive capacity of the people which transcends beyond a technological laboratory.

“Our Organic Law of Science and Technology establishes the cultists of science, that is, any citizen is understood as a scientist, a technologist so that knowledge is not sequestered in classical academic and technological spaces,” he noted.

He pointed out that in 2024 alone there will be 333 research projects, which means an investment of more than 10 million dollars in scientific equipment.

“This goes beyond 10 million dollars only in the period of 2024, it means investing in scientific equipment in supplies and reagents that were blocked for the Republic,” he pointed out.

Future power

On the other hand, the Future Movement activist indicated that many of the community projects approved during the large consultation carried out by this organization are already being implemented.

“The national popular consultation was held and at least 4 territorialized projects were born there, these are already beginning their execution and each of these has to do with the agendas of interest advanced by the Future Movement,” he highlighted.

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