Freddy Guevara replaces Vecchio in dialogue in Mexico

Photo: Wilmer Errades

In the midst of the dialogue process that takes place this Friday in Mexico City, the Venezuelan opposition arrived with a change in the representation of its spokesmen.

Carlos Vecchio, who is a collaborator of Juan Guaidó in the United States, was replaced by Freddy Guevara, a former deputy of the National Assembly and a member of the Popular Will party.

In addition, the former mayor of Baruta, Gerardo Blyde, Tomás Guanipa for Primero Justicia, Luis Emilio Rondón for Un Nuevo Tiempo, Luis Aquiles Moreno for Democratic Action participated in the negotiation.

This delegation has the support of the US State Department, which sent a greeting through its spokesman Nel Price, in a message on Twitter, welcoming the beginning of these negotiations and expressed its desire that democracy be "restored" in a way that peaceful in Venezuela.

"We hope that this process lays the foundations for the democratic solution that Venezuelans deserve," Price stressed.



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