Fraija: This son from Guaicaipuro is back here

Accompanied by the people of Guaicaipuro, this Wednesday, November 24, the Municipal Electoral Board proclaimed Farith Fraija Norwood, as the new mayor of the Guaicaipuro municipality from the Villa Teola Social and Cultural Park.

Isabel Mora, president of the municipal board, said as of today "they are invested to work for the Guaicaipuro municipality, in its figure of mayor and councilors to this group of men and women elected on November 21," says a press release .

Mayor Farith Fraija thanked the Social Movements, Missions, Youth, Political Structure, Heads and Heads of Street and Community, Missions, Transport movements and all the people who supported him that «today they have a predominant space in the municipality, to develop our Municipal Development Plan ».

“We have received the credentials that accredit me as mayor of the Guaicaipuro municipality for the period 2021-2025 with a lot of commitment, but above all, due to the expectations of what we have been doing to serve our people. We come with great strength and determination and as we have been saying, if we did well in Carrizal, here in Guaicaipuro we will do better, ”Fraija explained. 

The new president assured that "we arrived to stay, we arrived to continue governing, we arrived to seek new ways of exercising power." 

He added that this is a triumph of peace, “we must work to resolve conflicts, through democracy is what we have and want to achieve. Those who opposed us, their participation was also valuable, because it is the triumph of peace.

In the same way, he deeply thanked those who made this triumph possible, firstly the authorities and workers of the National Electoral Council, the Republic Plan and all those 

Finally, I express that "he who removes and puts kings, has placed a mayor in the municipality and I came to work for everyone equally," he concluded.

Farith asked former candidates to remove electoral propaganda

Farith Fraija, called on the different political factors to withdraw the electoral propaganda deployed in the city of Los Teques.

“Walking around Los Teques, we can see that the city is quite committed to electoral propaganda. I want to make a call to the different political organizations that were in this campaign to clean up our city for the common good, "said Fraija. 

The newly elected mayor emphasized that if they really love the city and the municipality, collaborate with their cleaning and remove what is now electoral garbage.

“We will do the same in the next few hours, we want to keep our city clean, we really hope that these political organizations take the best position and withdraw their electoral propaganda; And just as they indicated that they had intentions to improve the city, start with this first step, "he said.



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