Four detainees escaped in La Guaira

Officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) realized this Monday morning that the four subjects who were detained in the Special Anti-Drug Unit, located in the Port of La Guaira, fled.

The escapees were identified as Junior Rafael Ruiz Pinto, Eliécer Ramón Weffer Irausquín, Elio Ramón Weffer Iraqusquín and Yesnor Jesús Aldana Falcón.

According to military sources, the detainees removed some pieces of iron from one of the cells, where they managed to escape, and the troops did not realize it until this Monday morning.

The subjects would have been approached with almost a ton of alleged marijuana in January of this year, in the town of Chichiriviche de la Costa, Carayaca parish. The procedure was carried out by the 45th Regional Command of the National Guard.

The security forces reported the incident and notified the authorities for its recapture.



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