Foreign trade in Lara managed products destined for eleven countries

They exported 187 containers with 4.675 tons of products through 34 operations

From Lara state, some 187 tons of products were exported in 4.675 containers through 34 operations, in the first hundred days of the Foreign Trade Company (EmcoexLara), reported its president, José Ricardo Maldonado.

Such "measurable, viable and traceable" indicators, Maldonado said, correspond to the efforts and alliances with four important clients of Laredo, pointing to the companies Agrícola Domínguez, Dogilca, Indulsa and the Integrated Food Industry (Inalsa).

He said that Agrícola Domínguez "broke the cellophane" managed to export 375 tons of beans to Vietnam. Although this agricultural company maintains its harvest in Araure (Portuguese state), "the entire process of drying, cleaning, storage and marketing is carried out here in Barquisimeto," said Maldonado.

In the case of the second and third companies, they have also shown exports of Chinese beans; and the fourth industry has sold sweet cookies to the Dominican Republic.

The second country in America that has received products from the entity is the United States, with 146 tons of legumes.

To complete the eleven countries where the merchandise exported from Lara has arrived, there are nine from the Asian continent: Vietnam, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Singapore and Hong Kong (China).

Of all the destinations, Vietnam is the one to which the most merchandise has been exported, with 1.606 tons

The manager of the Intermodal terminal "G / D Juan Jacinto Lara" in Barquisimeto also highlighted that such companies have strengthened "the alternative sources that generate foreign exchange for the country, following the guidelines of Governor Adolfo Pereira and the Ministry of Economic Development.

It should be noted that said company is attached to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Lara State Government and was created in November 2019 by former governor A / J Carmen Meléndez.

It is constituted in an entity that "manages the economic flows of those who participate in the horseshoe of international trade processes," Maldonado said.

He then stated that he complements his management, with the participation of the Instituto de Ferrocarriles de Venezuela (IFE), the Simón Bolívar railway section in the Barquisimeto-Puerto Cabello stage that covers 173 kilometers to the Bolipuertos docks, having its local origin, in the intermodal terminal , created in August 2019.

He highlighted that the railway infrastructure is made up of 28 platforms enabled in two DF8 and 02 locomotives. Each platform can carry up to three empty or two full containers. Per trip reaches 56 full containers and 84 empty, with a storage capacity of 150 containers with merchandise, in the yard.

For empty containers, the capacity reaches 250, without going back.

He explained that clients in Lara can count on "a customs agent" to generate documentation and optimal coordination with the National Integrated Service of Customs and Tax Administration (SENIAT), the National Institute of Comprehensive Agricultural Health (INSAI) for the phytosanitary recognition of the cargo, in addition to the constant supervision at the plant and in the transfer of the containers to the destination port by the officials of the National Anti-Drug Command of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and the National Customs Guard.

On the other hand, he pointed out that even when EmcoexLara was created three months after the intermodal terminal, "throughout the year 2020, there were problems due to the pandemic, so the start of the port issue was a bit complicated," he added.

Before that situation, they dedicated themselves to planning, documentation and conformation of the operative and port processes.

And as of October, of that same year, they focused on customer service and search, through visits and inspections to companies located in industrial zones I, II and III in the Iribarren municipality (Barquisimeto)

Infrastructure works

Maldonado also reported that there are 78 hectares for the development of the annex and auxiliary services plan, added to the commercialization processes, such as import and export in Lara.

The project includes loading and unloading areas, transfer yards, dry product storage sheds, empty container yards, among other areas.

There is a storage shed of 1600 square meters with an advance in work of 70%. And work is being done on the two entrances, one for administrative access and the other for loading and unloading.

Relationships grow ...

The interviewee commented that there are good relations with representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, as well as that of Bolivarian Entrepreneurs, to whom the advantages that exist today in Lara have been exposed.

He offered to be "open doors" to carry out feasibility studies, resolve doubts and thus be able to initiate or reactivate the export processes, according to the client.

He assured that they maintain links with the Vice Ministry of Foreign Trade, attached to Economy and Finance, as well as with the Foreign Trade Bank (Bancoex).

He revealed that soon, they will hold an exchange with Cuba and Mexico where they will present the entity's exportable capacity portfolio.

In the same way, he specified that the team of professionals and experts who accompany him are attentive to the formalization of new "boocking", By means of which each client is guaranteed to have an efficient relationship with their buyers.



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