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HomeFlour processing plant in Guárico produces 120 tons per day

Flour processing plant in Guárico produces 120 tons per day

A total of 120 kilograms of precooked corn flour per day is produced by the Corporación Alianza CA processing plant, located in the El Sombrero parish of the Julián Mellado municipality, informed the governor of the Guárico state, José Vásquez.

The first authority of the state verified the operational capacity of this productive plant, as well as the promotion and strengthening of production in the region, providing food that goes directly to the table of Venezuelans.

Vásquez reported that this production center generates at least 60 direct jobs and more than 180 indirect ones, which allows safeguarding the well-being of approximately 240 families in the llanera region.

"We have it all, the raw materials, the land and, above all, tireless Guariqueños who remain firm working for the state," said the regional president.

Union of the productive forces

He commented that production in the Guariqueño territory is advancing significantly, thanks to the work of the articulated productive forces, which remain active paying taxes towards the powerful consolidation of the state, managing to place it among the first producers of various items in the country.

“Production in the Guárico state continues to advance. We are a thriving land with men and women who put their effort and commitment to our land to continue positioning ourselves among the top producers in the country," said Vásquez.

Guárico will inaugurate a new flour processing plant

Meanwhile, the Governor informed that another pre-cooked corn flour processing plant will be inaugurated in the next few days, thus contributing to leveraging the country's development and growth engine.

“Very soon we will inaugurate a new production plant for pre-cooked corn flour, to continue bringing food to the tables of the Guariqueños and Venezuelans,” he said.

It is important to highlight that, thanks to the support of the Bolivarian Government, within the nation's agri-food development and productivity system, the Llanera entity has fulfilled a strategic role by applying a method of organizing the agricultural sectors, obtaining significant results in the increase in the production of cereal-based foods.

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