Orinoco river flood stops

Leifer Sánchez, operations supervisor of the Ciudad Bolívar Harbor Master's Office, reported that the Orinoco River's ascent is at June 22, 2021, at 14,32 meters above sea level (MSNM). The differential average between the levels of today and 2018 is maintained for this same date. The river grew 4 cm in one day.

The operations supervisor reiterated that according to the pertinent evaluations and comparisons there is no alarm whatsoever, although forecasts are being made to guide the communities.

For its part, municipal Civil Protection has been systematically conducting evacuation drills in cases of flooding, according to the information provided by Manuel Rodríguez, director of PC Angostura del Orinoco, "all authorities work even when there are no alarms, the prevention is everyone's job ”.

Finally, Eleazar Torres, Director of General Services of Ciudad Bolívar explained that maintenance work and cleaning of drains are carried out daily in the entity to guarantee that everything is up to date and avoid collapses due to the flooding of the Orinoco River.



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