Fanb will begin process to deactivate mines laid on the border

With machinery and technical personnel trained in the matter, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces will carry out the process of deactivating the mines placed by the irregular armed groups of Colombia in Venezuelan territory.

This was reported by the Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López in statements offered this Monday from the Press Room of the Miraflores Palace, where he specified that 16 of these explosives that were planted by Colombian terrorists to cause the death of Venezuelan soldiers and civilians.

"We have the experts and the equipment to deactivate these mines and clear this entire area of ​​conflict," he said and explained that the request sent by the Foreign Minister to the United Nations (UN) is as part of the process to certify the protocols and that all the conditions are met for Venezuela to be declared once again a territory free of antipersonnel mines.

"Our combat engineers have the capacity, they have the expertise and they have the logistics to deactivate and clear mines in Venezuela, but we ask for the support of the UN to comply with all the protocols and that our performance is evident," he stressed at the time. that ratified the will of the Government and the Fanb to restore peace and security to these border areas.

"We assure the entire country to Venezuela that we are going to clean this completely from end to end, centimeter by centimeter," he said.



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