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False doctors and veterinarians cause irreparable damage

Scammers forge documents and promote themselves on social networks. So far in 2022, at least 65 procedures have been initiated by the Prosecutor's Office for this crime

In recent months, the Public Ministry has carried out actions against false dentists, surgeons, internists and also against veterinarians. The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, has specified that the proliferation of these cases has caused irreparable damage to numerous victims who are captured, among other ways, by social networks and treated in clandestine centers.

The attributed crimes range from the illegal exercise of the medical profession, continued fraud, intrusion and conspiracy, as well as forging a false public document, use of a false public document and usurpation of functions.

The case of Harold Charinga Martínez, a false professional with at least four medical specialties, is one of the most notorious. It was in December 2021 when he was captured for multiple complaints from people who received wrong diagnoses and suffered from the services he provided as a false specialist in pediatrics, neurology, neurosurgery and neuropediatrics.

However, so far in 2022, at least 65 procedures have been initiated by the MP for this scourge. Most refer to the illegal practice of dentistry in which a large number have been identified in the state of Lara, also in Falcón, Apure, Barinas, Sucre, Bolívar, Carabobo, Anzoátegui, Monagas and in the city of Caracas. Malpractice cases are also included in this statistic.

In this regard, only on May 27, four people were arrested for illegally performing dental work in Lara and Bolívar. They are Rosa Crespo, Henry Díaz González, Henny Díaz Sinfontes and Eduardo Díaz Sifontes.

Another case of great importance was that of the false dentist who spent 30 years practicing with a forged certificate. His name was Wilman Dávila Chourio, 50 years old, and he had an office called El Terminal Dental Laboratory, in Colón, Zulia.

Also, José Azuaje was a pirate orthodontist who was dedicated to offering consultations in the public thoroughfare of Maturín, Monagas. He caused damage to several people who fell for his offer.

Like Dávila Chourio, Luis Emilio Petit Molina chose to be formal, however, the authorities managed to discover on May 21 his scam that he carried out in Lara for 18 years, with the performance of dental work in a place called Delta Isis Laboratory. That same day, Yong Jader Oropeza Salas and Ana Carolina Castellano Piña were arrested for illegally performing dental work in Barquisimeto.
Regarding gynecology, a citizen, who was identified as José Daniel López, usurped functions in general medicine and gynecology in La Victoria and Maracay, Aragua state, using forged titles, and deceived his victims with the alleged placement of contraceptive implants made with urinary catheters and lollipop sticks. He also performed transvaginal echoes.

Another very serious case was that of the Las Mercedes Clinic in Barquisimeto due to medical malpractice and lack of asepsis in mammoplasty, astopexy and lipectomy operations that caused physical damage and bacterial infection of nosocomial origin to the victims. The site did not have permits and documentation from the Ministry for Health. Several plastic surgeons, a general and an anesthesiologist were arrested for this case who incurred in conspiracy to commit a crime and a deceptive offer.

Another modus operandi of these criminals is to impersonate doctors for another purpose such as fraud with the sale of properties. This is the case of Alvin Millán in Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui state, who offered the sale of an alleged apartment and when contacted by his victims, told them that he was an oncologist, radiologist and cardiologist to generate trust and collect the money to start the procedures.

Likewise, for the illegal practice as veterinarians, several have been prosecuted in the country. Emilio Rubio was captured and did not have a title, the same case as Henry Suárez Hidalgo, whom pet owners denounced for malpractice in sterilizations, leaving pets with viscera outside, wound infections and death in the animal's body tissue. He also made promotions on instagram directed, without knowledge, as a supposed specialist in treating cows and horses.


The Law of the Exercise of Medicine prohibits in its article 103 the practice without due professional preparation. If a person claims to be a doctor and has identifiers without actually having a certified degree, he is practicing medicine illegally. Also, whoever is suspended or has not met all the requirements, commits a crime.
The director of the Corps of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations (Cicpc), Douglas Rico, reported on his social networks that false medical specialists threaten the health of Venezuelans.

He added that the agency is carrying out the corresponding investigations against

How to report

The attorney general, Tarek William Saab, reported that false doctors can be denounced in the fiscal offices in the national territory. Similarly, in the states there are delegations of specialized agencies such as the Cicpc to make any complaint. Saab has asked the College of Physicians to take exemplary measures to prevent the illegal practice. The experts indicated that the first thing that should be taken into account when identifying a false professional is to apply certain criteria such as reviewing the indications given in their prescriptions; they must be sealed and identified with registration codes before the College of Physicians and the Ministry for Health. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that universities train doctors in the country, including the UCV, ULA, Universidad del Zulia, UDO and Rómulo Gallegos.

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