Face-to-face classes will start in April

The President assured that it is planned for the beginning of the third period

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, reported that he approved to resume the system of face-to-face classes as of April.

During a working day to commemorate one year of the creation of the Community Governments of Miranda, held in the Miraflores Palace this Sunday, the national president indicated that this process will have all the biosecurity measures.

He announced that as part of the preparatory process, the vaccination of all educational personnel is planned in the month of March, to the extent that the doses of Sputnik V that were agreed with Russia arrive.

He specified that students will attend classes during the seven days of relaxation and ordered that in March a campaign be used aimed at educating parents, children and young people who will attend classrooms in order to guarantee compliance with the rules of biosecurity.

"That is the post-pandemic, what they called relative normality, while we can vaccinate at least 70% of the population," he indicated while emphasizing the importance of maintaining biosecurity measures until a vaccine is reached that prevents the carrier from contaminating to others and when there is a 100% effective treatment.

He affirmed that the proposal was presented by the Minister for Education, Aristóbulo Istúriz, as part of the actions to guarantee the progressive return to normality, taking as the date for this fact the beginning of the third period in the primary and secondary education system.



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