They equip two hospitals in Trujillo with high technology equipment

This Monday, Governor Henry Rangel Silva reported on the provision of high-tech medical equipment for various areas of the hospitals Dr. Pedro Emilio Carrillo, of the city of Valera and Dr. José Gregorio Hernández of the Trujillo municipality.

“I must report this information from the first combatant and president of Fundasalud (Trujillana de la Salud Foundation) who arrived at the state endowment with high technology equipment for the general surgery, urology and laboratory services of the Doctor Pedro Emilio University Hospital Carrillo de Valera ”, he explained.

During the covid-19 balance program transmitted by the Paisana 92.5 FM station, Rangel Silva stated that this endowment, granted by the national government through the Ministry of Popular Power for Health, includes the otorhinolaryngology unit, a laparoscope, and a ureteroscope. and a kit to determine coagulation tests.

For her part, the president of Fundasalud, Jacqueline Peñaloza de Rangel, reported that they also received an important endowment for the laboratory and Blood Bank areas, necessary for the optimal functioning and operability of the health centers of the hospital network.

Rangel Silva added that the Trujillo, Boconó and Valera hospitals remain operational "with all services including laboratory, X-rays and the three blood banks are functioning normally."

Measures to improve fuel distribution

Regarding the shortage of fuel (gasoline and diesel) in the state of Trujillo, the regional president announced that he is taking special and extraordinary measures to "improve and make more fair" the distribution system in the state.

“There has been a total and absolute failure of the transportation from the supply source in Falcón to Trujillo; just three or four gasoline cargo trucks are arriving out of the eight assigned to us (...) Last Thursday I met with the head of the Zodi, I reviewed the issue well, I made some important observations so that the actions can be taken from the Zodi ”, Rangel Silva pointed out.

In this sense, he pointed out that from today he will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the national transport company, in order to know the status of the cargo trucks and make an investment from the state government.

“I will make an investment from the governor's office to improve the transportation system; we are eyeing some service stations and there are some vices that we are eyeing as well. We are managing the gasoline shortage. Our bottleneck is transportation and then some bad practices in distribution ”, he concluded. 

They gave a laparoscope, a ureteroscope and equipment for coagulation tests


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