Draft of the Economic Zones Law includes foreign investment

The Energy and Petroleum Commission of the National Assembly unanimously approved a Draft Law on Special Economic Zones, which will attract foreign direct investment as a measure to face the economic situation and it is estimated that it will be sanctioned between June and July.

The vice president of this Commission, Deputy Rodolfo Sanz, explained that the approved text was sent to the Economic Development Commission for analysis along with two texts consigned by other commissions to unify them and present one in consensus for the first plenary discussion of the current period legislative.

He pointed out that the project provides for the inclusion of the state of La Guaira as a Special Economic Zone, to fix there the point of arrival of an Insular Economic Zone that encompasses all the islands of Venezuela.

Interviewed in the 2 + 2 program broadcast by Unión Radio, he indicated that in some areas of the country different special regimes can be developed that make them fertile territories for tourism and foreign investment.

He explained that they would be the Eastern Region, also Bolívar and Amazonas, where there are minerals and strategic resources, as well as a Western Economic Zone of Petrochemical industries.

"One of the most important aspects of the Venezuelan economic situation is that there is no capital accumulation process in the national business sector that allows making the investments that the economic sector needs, which is why foreign investment is urgent," the parliamentarian pointed out.

He clarified that they foresee the participation of the national business community, however, foreign investment is required as a priority, due to the magnitude of capital required.

Regarding the Hydrocarbons and Mines laws, which are on the legislative agenda of the Commission, they will be subject to specific reforms that are being studied jointly with the National Executive to work on them in a coordinated manner.

He stressed that the National Assembly legislates under the principle of cooperation of powers, so it is essential that the National Executive participate in the development of legal instruments and reforms of some laws. / AN Press



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