Distributed 4 thousand gas cylinders to meet demand in Monagas

Governor Yelitze Santaella responded to the request of the Morichal Axis communities of the Alto Los Godos parish in the Maturín municipality, where 4 cylinders were distributed, managing to favor more than 2 families living in 800 sectors.

For several days, residents of communities such as Pinto Salinas, Brisas de Morichal, Rómulo Betancourt, Moscow and its surrounding sectors protested by closing Libertador Avenue due to the absence of gas in their homes, for which the regional president moved to talk and offered a quick response.

Santaella has repeatedly pointed out that Gasmaca, a state-owned company that offers gas service, makes a great effort to comply with the schedule established with the communities, because as is national knowledge, due to the economic blockade, problems with distribution are occurring. .

The eastern entity is only receiving three to four weekly cargo trucks of 12 that previously received for the distribution of cylinders in residential areas, since the entity depends on the Gas Plant of the Jose Petrochemical Complex, located in the Anzoátegui state.

Benefited families

Nancy Malavé, delegate of the Local Supply and Production Committee (Clap) of the Brisas de Morichal sector, thanked the prompt response that benefited more than 2 families in that sector. “We thank the Governor for having jointly with the parish political team assumed responsibility for the distribution of gas in the Morichal Axis, where they served the most populated communities. Little by little the service will reach all the neighborhoods, some of which have not received the cylinders for up to five months.

He added that understanding the situation facing the blockade and the economic war, the neighbors must have a little more patience and trust in the authorities, who make a great effort to address this problem.

For his part, Rudy Carrión, a resident of the Rómulo Betancourt sector, said that the cylinder sales day was a great relief for the 650 inhabitants of that sector, who had been cooking with firewood for a long time.

Regarding this issue, Enmanuel Ortiz, a member of the Gas Commission of the political-parochial structure of Los Godos, indicated that despite the current situation in the country, the instructions of Governor Yelitza Santaella are being complied with to give prompt response to communities. "We are living in difficult times and it is not easy to understand that Monagas does not have enough cylinders to serve all sectors at the same time."


On the same day, 10 communities of the Morichal Axis were served with a sale of 4 thousand cylinders, of which 3 cylinders were 500 k; 10 of 400k; 18 cylinders of 83 and 43 of 6 k.

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