Died in her seventies after being attacked by two pitbulls

A 73-year-old woman died after being attacked by two pit bull dogs, according to police sources.  

This event occurred last Monday afternoon in a house located on Mira Linda La Mira street, in the vicinity of El Agua beach, Paraguachí, Nueva Esparta.  

The deceased is identified as María Elisa Briceño (73) who was a refugee in the home where the attack took place.  

The first versions indicate that Mrs. Briceño went out to the patio of the house and immediately the two canines approached her and began to bite her. Briceño screamed for help but the animals had already destroyed her face and arms, among other parts, according to witnesses.  

Briceño was transferred to a health center where she was admitted without vital signs.  

At first, the neo-Spartans social networks reported that the animals bit Briceño after she had died. The Public Ministry opened an investigation in this regard. 


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