They destroyed two drug trafficking camps in Operation Ave Fénix III

Two camps used by drug trafficking groups were detected and later destroyed in the territory of the Jesús María Semprúm municipality, on the Zulia-Colombia border, according to military sources.

The deployment, called “Operation Ave Fénix III”, was carried out by troops attached to the National Anti-Drug Command of the Bolivarian National Guard supported by the 12th Carib Brigade (Army).

The operation included air raids through which the two structured camps with 7 cocaine hydrochloride crystallization laboratories were detected, each equipped with a microwave oven, a hydraulic press, a drying area and fifteen tags, says a report from the deployment to the which we had access to.

Once the infrastructure was discovered, the military proceeded to incinerate the primary material for the preparation of the drug, which included: 1.030 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, 3.780 kilograms of coca base paste, 12.510 liters of liquid chemicals and 3.927 kilograms of solid chemicals. .

During another area incursion, they detected a clandestine track in the El Campo sector of the aforementioned border municipality. The aerodrome was 2.050 meters long and 25 meters wide, which was used for the entry of aircraft that came to look for drug shipments made in those detected laboratories.

The Public Ministry was notified of the operation. 


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