Delivered 920 transformers to be distributed throughout the country

This Friday from the Chacao Service Center, the sectoral vice president of Public Works and Services, G/J Néstor Reverol, directed the distribution of 920 high-power transformers to the 24 states of the country, as part of the first of several deliveries that will be held during this 2022.

The also Minister of People's Power for Electric Energy, pointed out that "this year, more than 6 transformers will be distributed in the national territory, in order to meet all the demand demanded by the Venezuelan family," a press release refers.

He explained that, in coordination with the governors, mayors, mayors and territorial managers, the equipment will be distributed so that the crews begin to replace it, with the aim of guaranteeing energy efficiently and having a more reliable service.

The General in Chief, in addition, reactivated the Transformers Workshop, so that the Corpoelec Industrial workforce can carry out recovery work.

“In this workshop, together with the inventiveness of the workforce, today the recovery of high-capacity transformers up to 3000 thousand kVA is started. The workers are capable of assembling them and leaving them like new, with the different materials that we are acquiring, through Corpoelec Industrial”, reiterated Minister Néstor Reverol.

Reverol stressed that maintaining the electrical system is essential. "The installation of the transformers is free, no one has to be buying these transformers, or pay them to any Corpoelec official," he said.

He urged the Venezuelan people to denounce any type of irregularity that occurs throughout the national territory.

During this delivery he was in the company of the president of the National Electric Corporation, José Luis Betancourt; the G/D Juan Rodríguez, president of Corpoelec Industrial and the engineer Francisco Martín, general manager of Distribution and other authorities.



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