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Beaches and islands crowded this first of January in Anzoátegui

The beaches of the coastal axis and recreational spaces offered by the Mochima National Park in the Anzoátegui state were enjoyed by locals and visitors from other states this January XNUMXst.

The coasts of Lechería, on the Lido, Canales, Cangrejo and Caleta beaches, looked crowded from very early on.

The head of Civil Protection operations of the Urbaneja municipality, Doarwil Bermúdez specified that 20 officials were deployed on the coastal axis, with three motorcycles and an ambulance.

He said that there were no situations to regret and that access to the beach was allowed until three in the afternoon.

The spas that Mochima offers were also crowded.

According to information provided by the president of the Tourism Corporation of the Sotillo municipality, Jesús Caraballo, 190 people, of different ages, were transferred from the pier of Paseo de la Cruz and the Sea to the Puinare and El Faro islands of the park that they share the states Anzoátegui and Sucre.

Caraballo stressed that from the pier, compliance with biosecurity measures was supervised in the four boats that were enabled to transport that number of bathers.

While from the La Baritina dock, in Guanta, more than 400 bathers mobilized to Isla de Plata and Punta la Cruz.

For the maritime transporters, Daglis Jiménez indicated that the tourist cooperatives managed to mobilize 330 people and the boat taxis took about 96 bathers to those two tourist destinations.