CPI recognizes initiative of cooperation and dialogue by Venezuela

The outgoing prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, maintained "very hostile silences"

This Tuesday the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab published a resolution sent by the Chamber of Issues of the International Criminal Court, which highlights "the undeniable proactivity of Venezuela in providing fruitful cooperation" with the Prosecutor's Office in the preliminary examination.

Through its official Twitter account @TarekWilliamSaab, the highest prosecutor's authority published the statement urging the new head of the ICC Prosecutor's Office to "maintain a meaningful dialogue with Venezuela."

"The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela wishes as soon as possible to maintain the dialogue ordered by the Chamber with the ICC Prosecutor's Office and its new head, to advance in the execution of cooperation, and has expressly requested it," the document reads.

To do this, "our country will present the edited version of petition 46.2 in due time and form, as requested by the Pre-Trial Chamber, since our commitment to continue collaborating is absolute," says the aforementioned document.



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