Covax signed advance purchase agreement with vaccine manufacturers

Photo: AFP

The World Health Organization (WHO) signed an advance purchase agreement with the manufacturers of the Covid-19 vaccine for up to 1.500 billion doses, as part of the equal access to drugs initiative.

The purchase agreement was signed with four manufacturers of immunogens against Covid-19, which includes Moderna, for 500 million doses; Novavax for 350 million doses; Johnson & Johnson for 200 million doses; and Clover, for 414 million doses, assured Aurelia Nguyen, COVAX Facility managing director, during the ACT-A Accelerator Facilitation Council briefing.

This Tuesday, in an informative thread on the social network Twitter, the GABI vaccine alliance, a member of the COVAX mechanism, reported that the total number of vaccines delivered to 135 countries in the world by the Global Access Fund -COVAX- is more of 100 million doses, highlights the Venezuelan News Agency.

According to the latest COVAX supply forecast, signed by Aurelia Nguyen and released on June 23, the ACT-Accelerator vaccine pillar will have 900 billion doses available for supply by the end of 2021.

He said that "thanks to the series of advance purchase agreements signed recently, for a total of 2.800 million doses in 2021 and 2022, with another 1.300 million insured in case they need them."

For Nguyen "the forecast is encouraging given the supply disruptions that COVAX and countries with bilateral agreements are currently experiencing, as well as the general challenges that manufacturers are experiencing as they increase supply at a historic speed and scale."

In his speech during the WHO virtual meeting with the members of the ACT-A Facilitation Council, he ratified that the COVAX vaccine distribution initiative expects to have 900 billion doses against Covid-19 available by the end of the year. , including 1.500 billion injections that are destined for the poorest nations.

Nguyen said the alliance expects a "significant increase in the availability of Covid-19 vaccines" towards the fourth quarter, as supplies arrive from new manufacturers.

For her part, the WHO chief scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, stated at the same meeting that COVAX should have administered between 300 and 400 million doses at this point in the pandemic.

Nguyen responded to this: "Going forward, we continue to actively build our portfolio and seek additional volumes for short-term deals that are under negotiation." This, without providing more details.

He added that the COVAX initiative has secured a total of 5.600 billion doses for this year and next, from nine suppliers, of which 200 billion are through legally binding contracts signed. This figure includes donations of doses from rich countries.

It is worth remembering that 180 nations of the 193 members of the United Nations signed a political declaration that pledged to promote equitable access to vaccines against Covid-19. / AVN



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