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The swearing in of new state authorities continues

This Tuesday, the swearing-in process of the regional authorities elected in the last November 21 elections continued to later join their activities. Governors, Mayors and Legislative Councils receive new officials who, during their political term, must comply with the Constitution and the citizens that elected them.

Trujillo Sworn new Legislative Council

This Tuesday the new directive of the Legislative Council of the Trujillo state (Clet) for the period 2021-2022 was installed and sworn in, which was made up of Carlos Iglesias as president, Denitza Quevedo vice president and Rosalía Barazarte as secretary.

In this regard, the legislator Iglesias said that as revolutionaries they assume this challenge to maintain the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez and legislate in favor of the Trujillo people.

“We are pleased to accompany the government policies of President Nicolás Maduro, Major Gerardo Márquez, recently elected governor of the Trujillo state; We are also grateful to the militant people who resist and have hope, because it is we, the legislators, who are responsible for pointing out the direction and the path of the great things that must happen in our Trujillo state, "he said.

He added that the new members of the Trujillo parliament will have the responsibility of creating, designing and implementing laws that allow the development and progress of the region.

Iglesias took the opportunity to announce that on Friday, December XNUMX, the Clet will swear in the oath of Major Gerardo Márquez as governor of the Trujillo state, an activity that will take place at the Monument to Peace.

For his part, the legislator Emilio Fajardo pointed out that “the democratic forces of the Trujillo state are going to have a representation in the Legislative Council (…) here we come to assume the responsibility precisely that they are giving us to legislate, to propose, to direct Trujillo towards a better destination, to improve their quality of life ”.

He added that both he and the legislator Joaquín Aguilar, both from the opposition, will work to provide solutions to the problems of the Trujillo people.

It should be remembered that last Sunday, November 21, Iroschima Vásquez, Karibay Terán and Manuel Azuaje del Psuv and Gran Polo Patriótico were elected as list legislators; and by the Committee of the Democratic Unity Emilio Fajardo and Joaquín Aguilar. Meanwhile, as nominal legislators, Denitza Quevedo, Jesús Parra, Johana Márquez and Carlos Iglesias were elected, all of whom were flag-bearers of the Psuv and Gran Polo Patriótico. 

Trujillo parliamentarians have the responsibility of creating, designing and implementing laws that allow the development and progress of the region.

Cojedes. Sworn Mayor and members of the Municipal Chamber of Ezequiel Zamora

After the Regional and Municipal elections on November 21, the mayor of the municipality Ezequiel Zamora, Alexander Mireles, was accredited and proclaimed.

In a formal ceremony held in the Plaza Bolívar de San Carlos, the swearing in was carried out, where the Municipal Chamber was also installed, which was constituted by Pedro González, President; Génesis Pérez and Luis Manuel Hernández, Vice-Presidents; accompanied by Arianna Betancourt, Jéssica Castillo, Luis Hernández, César Irigoyen, Félix Quiñones, Orlando Martínez and Daniel Miglori.

"I promise to fulfill the mandate of the people to serve everyone equally", were part of the words of Mireles, after his swearing-in as Mayor. Part of the actions that the MUD standard-bearer has taken is the collection of waste in the capital and made some appointments to the different positions of responsibility of the Mayor of Ezequiel Zamora.

"I promise to fulfill the mandate of the people to serve everyone equally", were part of the words of Mireles

New Sparta. Yul Armas: We will work firmly and tirelessly for the well-being and development of Marcano

The Municipal Council of Gaspar Marcano, in the state of Nueva Esparta, held a special session to swear in the elected mayor of this jurisdiction, Yul Armas and start the government period 2021-2025, in compliance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic Bolivariana de Venezuela and the laws that govern the municipal public function.

Anderson Millán, president of the Municipal Chamber, began the session by welcoming first the representatives of the Popular Power of the Marcano municipality: UBCH chiefs, community leaders, street chiefs, spokesmen for the Communal Councils, of the Communes and the Social Movements, who witnessed the swearing in of the new municipal authority together with regional and municipal authorities and personalities of the jurisdiction.

Yul Armas swore before God, the Virgen del Valle, the legacy of Commander Chávez, the councilors and all those present to work firmly and tirelessly for the well-being, development and progress of the people of the Tcnel municipality. Gaspar Marcano with President Nicolás Maduro, in alliance with the productive sectors and organized Popular Power.

«Today a new moment is born in the political life of the Marcano municipality, it is time for all of us to work together to make it a great power, because Marcano has what to do with it. I call on the business sector to present any initiative that is in good faith and with good will, which will have our support and legal security. I invite all councilors without distinction of political parties to work together, let's make a different policy that brings development and progress benefits to our municipality and our people, "said the municipal authority.

Armas made a special recognition and gratitude to Dante Rivas, for all the love and support in the electoral process to the town of Marcano, as well as the support of the Bolivarian mayors, the national institutions and the Social Missions.

During his speech, the mayor emphasized that his administration will be focused on the protagonist participation of the people, for which he assured that the heads of UBCH will be commissioned by the mayor "to make a Street Government, close to the people, following the legacy of Commander Chávez ».

Yul Armas pledged to work for the development of his municipality

Legislative Council of Guárico has a new parliamentary body

During a Special Session held in the city of San Juan de los Morros, capital of the Guárico state, the installation of the new Parliamentary Body of the Legislative Council of the Llanera entity (CLEBG) was carried out, which will exercise functions during the period 2022-2025.

This installation was also conducive to swearing in the new board of directors made up of: Germany Torrealba as president of this instance; Vice President Roselyn Vegas and Acting Chamber Clerk Jhonathan Medina.

The seats of the regional legislative power are made up of 6 legislators elected from the Great Simón Bolívar Patriotic Pole (Gppsb) and 3 from the Democratic Alliance, both with their respective alternates.

By the red awning are: Dayana Encinozo (in the last years of the previous administration she was vice president of CLEBG); Germary Torralba; Ruselyn Vegas; Yenglis Peña; Ana Angola; Mayker Álvarez, who have the main spokesperson.

Also in opposition are: Antonio Muguerza, Guillermo Castillo and Luis Canache.

In this context, the new president of Clebg Germary Torrealba, said that from the legislative stage they will work in plurality and unity, as an example of the people's popular democracy after the electoral suffrage of November 21.

He then highlighted that the first actions they will take as the Board of Directors will be to approve the Report and Account of the governor of Guárico José Vásquez before his first term in office.

The Legislative Council of the Llanera entity will exercise functions during the period 2022-2025.

Apure Directive of the Legislative Council installed

On the morning of this Tuesday, the directive of the Apure State Legislative Council (Clea) was installed and sworn in, for the period 2021-2025, the activity was carried out with the presence of the Bolivarian Governor of the Apure state Germán Eduardo Piñate.

The new Board of Directors was formed as follows: the young Hoffman Valera as the President, Mrs. Yelitza Padrino as the Vice-president, and the colleague Loanny Villanueva as the Secretary.

«The Legislative Council of the Apure state must be ready for the service of the people, we come here to renew what needs to be updated, the people must feel this enclosure as their home, from here we will be working for the benefit of the people in a hurry, to have that rush that we all aspire to »were the words of the new President of the Legislative Council of Apure, Hoffman Valera.

Likewise, the newly elected governor Eduardo Piñate stressed that «This event speaks of political stability, of the peace that has triumphed in Venezuela and in the Antarctic territory, here we are reaffirming the profoundly democratic character of the Bolivarian revolution, the deeply democratic consciousness of the people from a hurry, "he said.

Similarly, Piñate said that “In this Legislative Council there are five representatives of the Great Patriotic Pole which are Hoffman Valera, Osmel Palmero, Yelitza Padrino, Cesar Pérez and Rafael Rojas and the two of the opposition fraction which are Aurelio Guerra and Marcelo Tirado, this is democracy, now what is coming is a process of deliberation, debate and discussion that is the essence of our democracy ».

The Legislative Council of Apure state will be ready for the service of the people

With information from the correspondents: Rebeca Viloria / Alimar Bueno / Tania González / Ángel Navarro / Ámbar Montilla