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CNE conducted election verification audit in Barinas

The National Electoral Council (CNE) carried out this Friday the second phase of authorship verification of the elections held this Sunday, January 9, in the state of Barinas.

Through its account on the social network Twitter, the governing body stated that "the results of 29 polling stations were evaluated, equivalent to 3,02% of those enabled for the aforementioned election, in which a coincidence of 99,98 was verified. .XNUMX% of the votes counted».

The Electoral Power explained that the sample was selected through a public draw, and corresponds to 16 voting centers in the state of Barinas.

Representatives of the political organizations Psuv, APC, MAS, PPT, MUD, ORA and Unión Progreso participated in this event. A member of the Education Assembly Electoral Observation Network (ROAE) was also present at the Mariche shed.

Similarly, the audit was carried out with international observers, under the videoconference method.

In this sense, he indicated that the activity was also supervised by members of the Observatory of Latin American Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation (Argentina), as well as representatives of the electoral oversight organization OEV and the OFP Min-Unidad.

It is expected that for next Monday, January 17, the voter data audit will be carried out, the ninth and last of the schedule for the Barinas 2022 governor election.