CNE approves Regulations governing the Electoral Campaign for mega-elections

In order to regulate the activities that promote the campaigns and propaganda pro-developed by the candidates, political organizations and participating indigenous organizations, the National Electoral Council published this Tuesday, the Specific Regulations that will govern these events, with the sole objective of maintaining a democratic environment. and fair at all levels of the electoral process.

As stipulated in the document shared on the Governing Body's social networks, the electoral campaign period will begin at 6:00 am on the morning of October 28 until 12:00 am at night on November 18, 2021.

For activities, events of a public nature, candidates and political organizations must abide by the biosafety regulations established by the competent entities, considering the context of the pandemic in which we find ourselves.

Likewise, the CNE establishes the free contract of mass media such as television, radio and press for the promotion of the campaigns. In addition, the use of new information technologies will be allowed, as well as the use of text messaging. All complying with the regulations that the CNE governs for each of these communication and information media.



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