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Civil Protection evaluates the risk of rains in Apure

They constantly inspect the levels of the rivers in the entity before the passage of the eighth tropical wave

The State Directorate of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration in Apure is carrying out activities framed in the mitigation of risks in the 7 municipalities of the entity before the passage of the eighth tropical wave through the country.

Captain Luis Muñoz Torrealba, director of Civil Protection, informed through his respective report addressed to security agencies, that the municipalities that have presented the most rainfall are Páez, Pedro Camejo, Romulo Gallegos, Muñóz and Achaguas, while in the municipality capital San Fernando and the municipality Biruaca have been moderate rains.

Likewise, it reported the monitoring of the approximate levels of the largest rivers in the state, such as the Arauca River in El Amparo - Páez Municipality. He said that it is at moderate current levels, like the Arauca River that passes through the town of Elorza, Rómulo Gallegos municipality.

«At the moment the Apure River that borders the San Fernando municipality is presented with current controlled levels. We have carried out this work hand in hand with the Naval Post of the Bolivarian National Navy, the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces and Civil Protection personnel. We are attentive to any eventuality," Muñoz added. 

Captain Muñoz also highlighted that the Risk Division commission went to the Pedro Camejo municipality to carry out an ocular inspection of the dam of the Paso San Luis and Boca la Culebra sectors, where the increase in the level of the Arauca River could be observed. , without affectations, nor overflow alarm.

“We are doing permanent monitoring to prevent any eventuality with the rains. We have the support of the government led by Eduardo Piñate who entrusted us to be alert. Also in our plans is to take some mouths of the river to prevent.

Meanwhile, in the Biruaca municipality, via Perimetral, La Padronera Sector, there are 55 families at risk since the bilge pump is in poor condition.

In this sense, the change to a suction pump was recommended.

The captain explained that the water from the sectors near this community, such as Santa Rosa and Valle Verde, flows into said lagoon and in this way minimizes the existing risks in said sector.

“In the same Biruaquense municipality, specifically in the La Campereña community, we carried out an inspection since we found a lagoon that does not have a drainage system, which in the rainy season, overflows, affecting 12 homes, being 2 families with 16 members. the most affected with flooding in part of their homes, "said the representative of Civil Protection in the entity.

In the same way, the inhabitants of the mentioned sector made the exception of attending to other problems that arise in the rainy season, such as the collapse of the sewage drainage system and the overflow of the manholes, which constitutes a risk of public health.

On the other hand, Regional Civil Protection constantly conducts talks and inductions in schools and colleges to publicize how first aid is applied in an emergency.

“We are different institutions that strive to achieve this risk mitigation work, among which the Fire Department, the Bolivarian National Guard, the Bolivarian Militia, mayors and organized communities stand out. We work for the well-being of families who are at risk of flooding”, clarified the Director of Regional Civil Protection. 

To conclude, Muñoz asserted that they are deployed in the Páez municipality carrying out visual inspections to avoid risk situations, specifically in the Manga del Río sector, Curve 3 and the containment dam, where the team was able to observe that it is crumbling.

Likewise, the respective measurement of the river level was carried out, which presents a normal level, without an overflow alarm.

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