Child died as a result of the cylinder explosion in Los Erasos

A four-year-old child died from multiple injuries suffered after the collapse of the house where he lived and in which a gas cylinder exploded on April 23, reported sources of civil protection. The incident occurred in the Los Erasos neighborhood, San Bernardino, Caracas.  

Since that day, Elías Sebastián Cárdenas Rodríguez (4) was confined in the José María Vargas hospital where he died last Wednesday.  

The house collapsed due to the effects of the explosion, according to a version of the Capital District Firefighters, who came to the site. Among those who died that day were Francisca Aurora Jaspe García (63) and Kimberly Rodríguez Jaspe (26).  

The injured in the incident are: William José Zabala González (48), Eldis José Blanco Jaspe (33), Erika Margarita Jaspe (42).  



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