Cases of covid-19 skyrocket in Latin America due to the Omicron variant

The cases of covid-19 in Latin America continue to rise due to the spread of the Omicron variant, registering record figures in some countries, even at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

According to the weekly update of the World Health Organization (WHO), until Sunday, January 9, the region of the Americas has maintained a growing trend of cases for more than a month, above six million new cases. infections, cites the Xinhua news agency.

This is the highest number recorded in a single week since the pandemic began.

One of the most affected countries is Argentina, where there is an increase of more than 100% compared to the previous week, and in the last 24 hours 139.853 infected were detected, a record number since the start of the pandemic.

In Mexico, deaths from covid-19 also increased by 28 percent, while in Brazil they did so by 15 percent.

The incidence in Chile, which this Friday registered more than 8.000 cases (the highest figure since June), has also rebounded in recent days, while the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health expects to reach its "maximum peak" of infections this week. .

Given this rebound in the pandemic, in Latin America, several experts predict the arrival of new peaks in the number of infections.

According to the researchers, the omicron variant is behind the rebound of the pandemic in Latin America, a factor aggravated by the greater mobility of people during the holidays.

Compared to other mutations, the omicron variant has a shorter incubation period, as well as a faster rate of transmission.

According to Ximenez-Fyvie, vaccines have provided a shield to try to avoid hospitalizations for covid-19, although the keys to controlling the pandemic continue to be prevention and early care, not treatment in hospitals, where "a percentage is saved minuscule number of people while, at the preventive and early treatment level, it is how we can save more people, ”quotes the Xinhua news agency.



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