Captured man who murdered his ex-partner

Rut Nohemí Rubén Tapuro, 23, was murdered by her ex-partner Juan José Monsalve Durán (49), according to police sources.  

This femicide occurred last Wednesday in the Simón Bolívar sector of the town of Rubio (Táchira), where the man resides. Ruth and Monsalve were separated. But the girl went with her daughter to visit her former mother-in-law. While in the house a discussion arose with Monsalve.  

In the middle of the fight, the man took a knife and attacked the woman by various parts of the body to the death. The corpse was left lying on a bed.  

Witnesses to the event were the daughter of the former couple and Monsalve's mother, Carmen Emilia Durán (73), who was injured with a knife while trying to intervene.  

Neighbors reported what happened to the police and the uniformed men went to the house where they found Monsalve with the knife in his hand repeating the phrase "I killed her." At that time they proceeded to his arrest. 


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