Businesses in Caracas receive cryptocurrencies

Local food, tourist services, hotels, entertainment, sports, real estate, clothing, footwear, and even home deliveries, make use in Caracas of cryptocurrencies as a payment mechanism, especially, the Venezuelan cryptoactive petro and bitcoin, through biopayment and digital wallets.

Large chains such as Traki accept this type of payment in almost all their stores located in the capital city, and thus it can be observed outside the premises, and according to the Petromap platform, which has an interactive map with a detailed distribution of establishments, there are several places in Caracas where it can be used, particularly the petro. This department store, in Sabana Grande and El Recreo, has points of sale to cancel with bitcoin, dash, ethereum, litecoin, BNB, DAI and tether.

There are other digital tools such as the Criptolugares web portal that refers verified sites that use cryptobuyer, ethereum, dash, bolivarcoin and more as alternatives. For example, on the main avenue of Caricuao, there is a business called Tu Cachapa Caricuao that trades with bitcoin, ethereum and bolivarcoin. Locals such as KMC Laboratorio Clínico also stand out, a place located in the Los Andes Management Center, in which customers have the opportunity to cancel services solely with dash.

Likewise, there are pharmacies such as Farmarato between Montalbán and La Vega, where they accept bitcoin, dash, ethereum, litecoin, BNB, tether and DAI, as well as the Internet Institute of Francisco de Miranda avenue dedicated to professional training in digital marketing and social networks .

The Gina and Bambino store network, in the footwear and clothing category, in Caracas also accepts cryptocurrencies, while in transportation there are many executive businesses such as the branches of the Amigo's Car Rental chain in Guairita and Chacaíto.

In supermarkets such as Excelsior Gama, since the end of 2020, in branches of Macaracuay, La Urbina, Santa Mónica, Caurimare and Chuao, the digital currencies dash, tether, litecoin, ethereum, BNB, DAI and bitcoin can be used.

The cable television company Simple TV offers the option of paying for its channel packages with cryptocurrencies, through a payment gateway created by the company Criptobuyer.

Testimonials Harrison Rangel recently started a business in the commercial corridor of Catia, Sucre parish, and in his local, Arágbi, dedicated to the commercialization of a variety of technology accessories, repair tools and others, he generally accepts known electronic payment methods like paypal and zelle, as well as exchange transfers.

Likewise, Harrison accepts the cryptocurrencies enabled in Petroapp, however, he notes that it is not common for clients to ask him to cancel in this way.
He says that to date only some have asked him out of curiosity, because in his ads he indicates his acceptance, but it is not frequent that they buy him with a cryptoactive. So far, it only accepts petros, since it assures that because it is a Venezuelan creation it generates much more confidence.

Reyner Jaspe, independent worker and producer of textile accessories, said that the use of this method has helped him to save his money, in addition that, particularly petro, is a convertible resource, and although it is not the most recurrent mode of payment among its clients, it does have a minimum number of users who have paid it in petros.

He indicates that he has also bought goods and services with cryptocurrencies, he has seldom done it through biopayment, he usually uses the Petroapp, but he expresses that the fact that there is no application that makes the process expeditious makes his exchange work for him. more complex.

Professional services. Regarding professional services, the lawyer Luis Cortés explains that these types of payment methods, although they have great potential, are not yet very commercial in the country.

He, for example, offers his legal services and accepts cryptocurrencies as compensation, even pointing out that on one occasion, from the city, he advised a person who lives in Argentina, who was interested in paying with bitcoin.

“As for the petro, I have worked with this cryptoactive, and for my services I accept it, if the person tells me that they want to pay with petros, I provide them with my wallet for the Petroapp, but the fact that this blockchain is a portal, limits much use. Perhaps it is a way in which a usufruct is not obtained, but I do not object to my clients, I accept them, because they are currencies that I can easily exchange and then I make another conversion, "he said in an interview with ÚN.

Cortés adds that normally people pay him dollars and bolivars, that is why the form of payment with cryptocurrency always presents it as a second option.


Peter. It is the first cryptocurrency issued by a State and backed with its natural resources. It is a digital currency issued by the Central Bank of Venezuela and that uses some aspects of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment digital currency, powered by its users without any central authority or intermediaries. The most common way to buy bitcoins is through platforms like Gdax or Bitstamp.

Litecoin. It is a point-to-point internet currency that allows instant payments. It is a global and open source payments network that is completely decentralized and has no central authorities.

Dash. It is based on the bitcoin code, but has innovative technologies that allow you to send money in four seconds. Buyers and sellers become familiar with digital currencies.



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