Boys and girls from the regions celebrated their day in style

The Birthday of the Clown Kotufa (Freddy Castro)

This Sunday, July 18, the country's Children's Day was celebrated, a date in which the smallest of the house are honored with recreational activities, gifts and fun. To continue the tradition, the Bolivarian Government, through its ministerial agencies and mayors, planned various activities in the hands of community councils and popular power to bring joy and recreation to infants in their day.

This is how part of the celebration days were developed in the regions:


Mayor's Office of Independence in San Felipe delivered a thousand toys for Children's Day

The Mayor's Office of the Independencia municipality, which is part of the metropolitan axis of the Yaracuyana capital, San Felipe, this weekend delivered 1.000 toys to boys and girls from the most vulnerable sectors of the jurisdiction, on the occasion of celebrating Children's Day this Sunday.

The president of the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CMDNNA), Naibeth Acosta, reported that of that amount of toys, 200 were taken to the Niño Jesús pediatric hospital to distribute them among the infants who are hospitalized in the place. A batch of 100 diapers was also provided to contribute to the institution.

The official explained that although the toys could not be delivered directly into the hands of the children due to the pandemic situation, they were left in the hospital to be delivered applying the corresponding biosecurity measures to safeguard against any possible contagion.

The rest of the toys were delivered to the members of the Network of Articulation and Sociopolitical Action (RAAS) of 10 communities, who requested the support of the Dispatch Directorate to celebrate Children's Day this Sunday and rejoice the little ones in those sectors. .

The communities that received the toys for their children were Vista Alegre, Villa Nueva, Savallito, Prados del Norte, Recta de Apolonio, Renacer, Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi, Cañaveral and Fundo El Carmen.

Likewise, in San Juan, San Miguel Norte, La Villa and Colinas del Viento, an economic contribution was made that in total amounted to 700 million bolivars so that they could make some celebrations in tribute to the children of those communities.

In no case were toys delivered in a massive way to avoid exposing the youngest to possible contagions of covid-19. The RAAS were directly in charge of distribution together with the parents of each home, always maintaining health safety protocols and constant disinfection of toys.


They entertain more than 600 boys and girls from Maturín 

More than 600 boys and girls from four parishes of the Maturín municipality were entertained this Sunday by the Government of Monagas through the El Niño Simón Regional Foundation, on the occasion of celebrating their day.

From the Juana Ramírez La Avanzadora auditorium of the headquarters building of Petróleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), the small residents of the Alto de Los Godos, Boquerón, Santa Cruz and San Simón parishes, enjoyed cultural presentations, magic show, snacks and party favors . 

The president of the El Niño Simón Regional Foundation, Daniela León, highlighted that the Government of Monagas every year gives a day of joy to the little ones, offering healthy entertainment. The activity was carried out in compliance with biosafety protocols, establishing the appropriate distance and the mandatory use of a mask, to avoid the chains of contagion of covid-19.

Hospitalized children. The boys and girls confined in the Hospitalization area of ​​the Dr. Manuel Núñez Tovar de Maturín University Hospital also received attention in the ferocity of this day, with the delivery of party favors, toys and snacks.

On this occasion, 28 children who were hospitalized for different pathologies were favored. The president of the El Niño Simón Foundation pointed out that for 8 years the Government of Monagas "has been doing this work of love together with the El Niño Foundation and the central hospital of Maturín for the benefit of the seedbed of the country."

He stressed that through government management in Monagas, social care has been achieved for children with sunken lip and palate, inguinal hernia and trauma problems, in a joint effort with the hospital and the institution.

For his part, director of the central hospital of Maturín, Darwin Moreno congratulated all the children in their day, while thanking the Bolivarian Government for all the attention given to the children of Monagas who on this day of happiness are suffering some disease. He stressed that these infants who today celebrate being children are cared for in a humane way and with love.

La Guaira

Kotufa turns 40 bringing smiles to the boys and girls of La Guaira / Jesus Gazzeno

"Cachete de Papá" is the cry that identifies the clown Kotufa de La Guaira, who reached 40 years of artistic profession this Sunday, July 18, Children's Day.

Freddy Henríquez Castro Romero is the face of Kotufa, which began in the 80s, under the Collective Action Theater (TAC) method. "This red nose, from a lifetime, is a piece of my heart", alleges.

Freddy was born on November 29, 1968, into an artistically oriented family. His mother, Zaida Romero de Castro, was a theater actress in the old Sports and Cultural Club, in the Naiguatá parish. His father, a laborer and a broad brush painter.

"From so many rehearsals that I went with my mother, I remember a director saying that first I learned the scripts as the actors themselves, because as a child I was a sponge absorbing everything."

He began in the artistic world as a puppeteer, re-creator, stilt walker, mime artist and in the plastic arts, until he combined these skills in being the Katufa Clown, after professional training as an advertising illustrator, “with Juan Pirela, at school and his TAC, they were my first tables ”.

He recalled that the debut of the Clown Katufa was in the Plaza Vargas de La Guaira, a Children's Day and together with other actors, forty years ago; then make their first pininos in the local festivals of Naiguatá, together with Mrs. Aracelis Corro and Emperatriz López.

“Being a clown is a way of giving people and children happiness. Even the saddest people, you have to make them smile, let them go through their most difficult or special moments in their life, ”said Freddy Castro.

He served 18 months in the military in the Navy's Coast Guard Command, in 1986, as a clown. There he combined his painting skills with the Armed Forces. "On weekends and free time, he continued to be a clown in the communities and hospitals, in addition to painting the military in command."

“The name Kotufa, with K, was born because from a young age he had gray hair, and it was the only one available in the registry. I remember that the clowns Finito and Trencita told me: your nickname came true, ”Castro recalled.

Freddy Castro describes Kotufa as "a clown with a child's heart", who takes ideas from the little ones for his routines, as well as his ingenuity, sincerity and naivety, to educate through play and forge values ​​in children, where came his war cry "Cachete de Papá". 

He said that, as a human being, he has all the flaws, but a defender of playful learning and fundamental rights. His talent transcended borders, representing the country in the International Clown Festival of France and Colombia. "I remember once I forgot the clown's nose, I had to improvise with a ball, cut it, paint it and continue the show."

Thanks to its projection in La Guaira and international lands, it was declared a Living Cultural Heritage, as well as a Forger of Guaireña Identity and Cultural Excellence, being part of the parties, communions and baptisms.


South of Bolívar more than 5 thousand children celebrated their day

More than five thousand children from Tumeremo, Sifontes municipality, enjoyed various recreational and cultural activities, promoted by the Tres RRR Foundation accompanied by the Peace and Life movement, as part of the celebration of Children's Day.

The facilities of the Juan García football stadium, was the propitious setting for the little ones to enjoy a day full of fun, inflatable mattresses, face painting, delivery of sweets and the usual toy, to honor them on their day.

Inhabitants of the entity, thanked the Tres RRR Foundation, for holding these events for the healthy recreation of the little ones. "The Tres RRR Foundation, has always been consistent with our municipality, concerned with ensuring the well-being of our people," said Carla Monsalve.

While the president of the Tres RRR Foundation, Sara Olivero, assured that the fundamental objective of the institution, together with public and private entities, is to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the population in addition to bringing joy to the local kids.

"Our foundation has always been a guarantor in the protection of our people, together with state institutions, such as the Movement for Peace and Life, we add efforts to bring happiness and social well-being to the inhabitants of the Sifontes municipality," concluded Olivero.

Delta amacuro

Fundación del Niño Simón entertained infants in Maternal de Tucupita

This Sunday the regional government through the Foundation "El Niño Simón" Delta Amacuro, continues to give smiles to the children in their day, this time with an activity especially dedicated to the little ones confined in the Maternal Infant Dr. Oswaldo Ismael Brito de Tucupita .

They enjoyed gifts, toys, snacks, baskets, face paints and clowns, the authorities present paid tribute to pediatric patients, their families, women who had just given birth and health professionals.

The entire team of the Social Cabinet of the State also accompanied the activity and the tour of the mother and child with which they encouraged all minors who for health reasons are admitted to the hospital or who must go to receive some type of treatment.

The president of the Children's Foundation in Delta Amacuro, Neidys Lara, pointed out that this is part of compliance with the guidelines issued by the worker president Nicolás Maduro to guarantee and bring joy with recreational activities to all children: “Especially those who Even in the adversities of many of the boys hospitalized for some pathology or ailment, today they are having a special day, thanks to all the public health officials who do their best to see them happy, it is our job and duty as an institution ”, said the president from the Fundación del Niño in Delta Amacuro, who also reported that other recreational activities were carried out for children in various communities of the Tucupita municipality.

Correspondents: Carlos Vielma / Greissy Marcano / Luis Ortega / Ivannia Moreno / Leylianith Cedeño



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