Blyde: dialogue will result in a comprehensive agreement for all

Photo: Wilmer Errades

This Friday, from Mexico City, the head of the Venezuelan Unitary Platform delegation, Gerardo Blyde, assured that the dialogue led by sectors of the opposition and the national government is expected to be the most effective tool "to achieve a comprehensive agreement that guarantees our people a long-term democratic and political coexistence in time.

Blyde invited all social sectors to accompany this process that will provide inclusive solutions and mutual recognition, "to respect the full exercise of all the rights contemplated in the National Constitution." He also requested the active participation of citizens "for the construction and development of this agenda with your proposals and ideas."

"The greater the support, the greater the probability that we will not fail in this serious attempt to understand each other," he said.

On the other hand, he thanked the international community for its mediating role in this agreement, especially the Mexican government for having agreed to be the host country for this dialogue process, and the Norwegian government "for its constant concern in the resolution of the political crisis in Venezuela ».

Finally, Blyde assured that his delegation is committed to this process and will work tirelessly to achieve comprehensive agreements that result in profound changes. «



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