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HomeLifeBetween 55 and 65 tropical waves will reach the country this year

Between 55 and 65 tropical waves will reach the country this year

The arrival of the first tropical wave in Venezuela is expected this weekend

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, instructed this Thursday to take preventive measures in high-risk areas regarding the rainy season which has started strongly in some states.

From the Presidential Command Post, in Miraflores, the Head of State urged Governors and Governors, Mayors and Mayors to take all necessary measures regarding the rainy season on time.

"The rainy season begins in Venezuela, we are obliged to take care of ourselves and from the Government we must be vigilant in supporting our people," said Maduro.

Andes Task Force 2023

President Maduro activated the "Andes 2023 Task Force" to address damage caused by rainfall in the states of Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo.

He explained that this deployment includes three fundamental areas: infrastructure, services and the Humanitarian Task Force.

The national President reported that specific plans have been drawn up for the attention of the rains in the 8 Strategic Regions of Integral Defense (REDI).

"We have to have the capacity to mitigate the rains, so that our people are protected (...) Our people know that they are not alone, they know that they have us to embrace them, accompany them and care for them," said the Dignitary.

From the state of Mérida, the sectoral vice president of Public Works and Services, Néstor Reverol in the company of the governors of Mérida, Jehyson Guzmán; from Táchira, Gerardo Márquez; and from Táchira, Freddy Bernal and authorities of the National Risk Management System highlighted that this task force will have three important aspects, the first, infrastructures and services, where 85 machinery and equipment with material, cement were delivered to Governor Jehyson Guzmán and rods for the recovery of roads and services in the entity affected by the rains, reports the state channel.

He informed that the task force is valid for all regions of the country, as extraordinary situations arise. In the same way, it will be in charge of providing help for the analysis of damages, the needs that arise in the region to register an unexpected situation.

The third vertex is the formation of a technical-scientific committee, which will be in charge of studying all the hydrometeorological phenomena in the area and the sedimentation and channel of the rivers and their tributaries, to create projects that allow us to avoid some type of unforeseen situations in the future. .

The Andes 2023 Task Force will work by territorial axes, in Mérida state it will have five axes, the Mocotíes, Pan-American, the Páramo, the South of the Lake and the Southern Towns, which will allow joining efforts to comply with the situations that arise.

Presidential Commission will face the El Niño phenomenon

The President announced the creation of the Presidential Commission to face the dangers and threats of the El Niño phenomenon in Venezuela, which will be in charge of the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez.

“I am going to assign the vice president a task so that she personally leads, together with the entire team, a Presidential Commission to face the dangers and threats of the El Niño phenomenon against the Venezuelan population. Be well prepared, ”she said.

In this regard, he ordered his government team to "be vigilant 24 hours to support our people" with immediate responses to the effects caused by the rains.

To this end, it called on the public authorities to include the El Niño phenomenon in their agenda of priorities in order to assess its impact at the local, regional and national levels.

"We are taking preventive measures to take care of the reservoirs and continue advancing in the Water Plan," said the head of state.

Similarly, Maduro recalled the damage recorded in 2015-2016, when Venezuela had to face a severe drought, as a result of climate change.

Maduro reiterated that capitalism destroyed the minimum equilibrium conditions for the survival of the collective human being on planet earth.

He recalled that last year, the inclemencies of the global environmental disaster severely affected towns in Aragua, such as Las Tejerías and El Castaño, where rainfall exceeded the number of liters per square meter and caused serious damage that was promptly addressed.

Tropical waves

Colonel José Pereira, president of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh), reported that by 2023 between 55 and 65 tropical waves are expected.

Pereira stressed that the arrival of the first tropical wave in Venezuela is expected this weekend.

Pereira stated that this year as a result of the El Niño Phenomenon, "not only the Pacific is warming up, but also the Atlantic and the Caribbean, which has caused the Hurricane Center of America to change the forecast and what were 13 storms previously, could rise to 17, refers to the state channel.

He highlighted the work that is being carried out in Venezuela and the equipment in terms of risk management, important work has been carried out in the preparation of the communities where not only are meteorological stations installed but also carried out here in Venezuela, they are low- cost that are placed in the communities and in the civil protection units and firefighters with an early warning system, to determine the forecasts and notify when important precipitation values ​​are generated.

Pereira also stated that due to atmospheric instability, very intense rainfall could be generated in a short period of time.

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