BCV will inject $ 50 million into the Exchange Market this Monday

William Castillo, Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies, an entity attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, highlighted this Friday that within the framework of the entry into circulation of the new monetary cone, a speculative wave may be generated that leads to damming the currencies in the country.

In that sense, the vice minister commented through his account on the social network twitter, that the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) will inject the amount of 50 million dollars into the Exchange Market next Monday, in order to stop the speculative attack on Bolívar.

«Once the monetary restatement process has been finalized, the BCV will intervene on Monday in the Exchange Market with 50 mill. of USD to stop the speculative attack against the Bolivar. Do not go crazy, there are currencies. Don't get carried away by rumors and give your money to the vultures », Castillo wrote on his twitter account.

To corroborate this information, the BCV issued a statement in which it explained that this measure will be taken to seek the "consolidation of economic stabilization" in the country, for which the institution will not lose heart in carrying out this type of action to "influence the exchange market".

Castillo asked to avoid falling into rumors that make people lose money, since there are "vultures" that would be fishing in troubled rivers to get more profit from the entry into force of the new monetary restatement.



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