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HomeAraguaThey attend to damages due to rains in the Aragua State Council

They attend to damages due to rains in the Aragua State Council

Authorities monitor levels of the Tuy river

Crews from the Urban Maintenance Department of the José Rafael Revenga municipality of Aragüe, carried out cleaning and clearing of roads in different communities of the city of El Consejo, which suffered damages after the heavy rains that fell in the entity in the center of country on Thursday.

The mayor of that city, Daniel Perdomo, specified that Civil Protection officials, the Bolivarian National Guard and police forces activated the protocols for attention and assistance to citizens in the affected sectors to guarantee immediate attention to the population.

Among the sectors served are Juan Moreno 1, the entrance of the La Gua community, Julio Bracho, the Pan-American highway and Tierra Nuestra.

“We attended the Puente Hierro sector of the Pan-American Highway where the Tuy River left its banks. With the help of heavy machinery, our workers made a ditch, allowing the water to return to the normal course of the river," the president explained.

He stressed that in the case of the Tierra Nuestra sector, the rains dragged mud, hindering the passage through several streets, for which cleaning and removal of sediments are carried out, in order to recover free transit through the area.

Pre-Rain Plan in El Consejo

Perdomo highlighted the importance of the pre-rain plan deployed in the town since the beginning of 2023, with permanent cleaning works on Bolívar avenue in El Consejo, and on the Sabaneta and Corocito sections of the Pan-American highway; as well as the maintenance of the sewer system in the Ezrquiel Zamora urbanization.

"All this has meant that the rains have not had a negative impact on the population," he said.

Popular power 

The burgomaster took the opportunity to call on citizens to continue strengthening the different instances of popular power, and to remain calm in the face of possible emergency situations.

“The call is to continue demonstrating that we are an organized people. From the mayor's office we work together with our líderit is from the community and the street, with special attention to vulnerable or high-risk areas,” he concluded.

In Maracay they reinforce the work of the Pre-Rain Plan 

The director of Municipal Engineering of Maracay, José Quijada, reported that after the rainfall registered in the Aragonese capital, different crews were deployed in the north and south axes of the city, carrying out the manual and mechanized cleaning of a considerable amount of sediments in areas such as El Castaño, where the drainage systems for rainwater were also uncovered.

He also pointed out that in the risk zone in the south of Maracay, the situation remains controlled, thanks to the articulation with the neighbors of the sectors that make up this area.

"We are with all the equipment ready and with all operations underway to maintain the pumping systems fully, in order to avoid any contingency that could be experienced with the Madre Vieja River," said the official.

For his part, the director of Civil Protection of Girardot, Jesús Lugo, indicated that two reports were registered in the municipality in the communities of Puerto Escondido and Bella Vista, which were dealt with in a timely manner by the authorities.

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