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They attend affectations caused by the rains in Trujillo

Rainfall caused trees to fall and crops to be flooded in several municipalities

The director of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration in the Trujillo state, César Fernández, reported that the heavy rainfall, registered this Thursday for more than four continuous hours in the state, caused the fall of trees, flooding of crops, landslides, plant and rock material in various municipalities, as well as the suspension of drinking water service in the city of Valera.

He explained that in the Tres Esquinas parish of the capital Trujillo municipality, a tree fell on a house, affecting its structure, a situation that was attended by orange officials.

"In the municipality of San Rafael de Carvajal in the Bajada del Río sector, minor landslides were recorded, however, automobile traffic was not interrupted despite the heavy rainfall," he said.

Fernández explained that in Boconó the agricultural road that leads to Guaramacal and Vega de Guaramacal the vehicular passage is obstructed due to landslides, however both the State Government and the Boconó Municipality Mayor's Office deployed personnel and machinery to carry out the work clearance.

A wooden structure located in the center of Boconó was also affected by the rains, the municipal Civil Protection personnel were present there.

continuous landslides

The regional director of the Operational Zone for Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (Zoedan), César Fernández, indicated that in the Urdaneta municipality, specifically in the Villa Mercedes sector, the regional executive maintains machinery for road cleaning work.

“We have a machine working on what is the trans-Andean road, Villa Mercedes sector, part of the work was lost yesterday due to the continuous slide of material, since there is a fairly significant water saturation on the slopes, which makes it a bit difficult for us to jobs," he said.

He also reported that in the Cabimbú parish the overflow of a ravine was recorded, which flooded part of the potato and strawberry fields, without damage to homes or people.

Civil Protection alert

Fernández added that during the morning of this Friday he received reports regarding the suspension of the drinking water service in the Valera municipality, due to the obstruction of the intake dam in the El Cumbe sector by fallen trees and sediments dragged by the Motatán river.

“Civil Protection personnel are at the site doing the roleo of some trees and sedimentation that the river has dragged due to the heavy rainfall registered yesterday in the Urdaneta municipality where it feeds the Motatán river. We have the affectation in the house of the grandparents in the Andrés Linares parish, San Lázaro sector of the Trujillo municipality, where we sent a team because a tree caused damage to the structure, ”he asserted.

He reported that in the El Cumbe sector of the Valera municipality some houses registered damages, which are being evaluated by a Civil Protection risk commission.

Similarly, security and prevention officials continue to attend to unforeseen situations registered in the Monte Carmelo municipality, which has been hard hit by the rains.

"We are ready, prepared, attentive, alert and prepared for any situation that may arise in this rainy season, all citizen security organizations following the instructions of Governor Gerardo Márquez, the Secretary General of Government G / D Julio Yépez Castro and the Secretary of Security citizen, the commander of the Integral Defense Operational Zone (Zodi), the entire social group, infrastructure, national and regional entities attending to emergencies caused by the rains”, he emphasized.

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