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At least 500 thousand Venezuelans have returned with support from the Government

President Maduro reported the expansion of the Great Mission Return to the Homeland through the consulates.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced the expansion of the Great Mission Return to the Homeland, converted into a comprehensive plan to ensure the return of Venezuelans abroad and to address their problems faced in different nations.

“We want to ensure that the vast majority of those who have not returned come here, with their family, with their friends,” said the president while reporting that according to the figures managed by the State between 2013 and 2023 “there are 2.500.000 came from Venezuela as economic migrants and from 2020 to 2023, 1.200.000 have returned, half of those who left, at least 500 thousand returned with government support.”

For those who are still outside, he said that while they return "here we are preparing with the financing plans, with the sports plans, with the cultural plans, so that they become part of a community, regularizing their papers, giving them support with lawyers so that the defend against abuses... xenophobia... do you remember how Julio Borges said? That Venezuelans are a plague, that runs through the continent,” he said.

“We want that after the worst stage that we experienced, where missiles fell on us, a real war, sanctions, we lost 99% of our income, (those who left) return to the homeland,” he said, clarifying that the Great Mission It is called Vuelta a la Patria, “not return to the rubble,” in reference to what would happen in the country with another government.

Expansion of the Great Mission Return to the Homeland

President Maduro said that it is his desire to “heal this wound” that the departure of millions of people has caused to the country as a result of the request for sanctions against the country and its economy. For this reason, he invited them to return, to invest and enjoy their country, for which the conditions are being prepared.

“Whoever wants to rebuild their life from their country, welcome with the Great Mission Return to the Homeland,” he stated.

In this sense, Professor Pedro Sassone, one of the creators of the Vuelta a la Patria Plan, said that a meeting was held with different ambassadors worldwide, to develop a restructuring strategy for all consulates so that they have protection policies for Venezuelans abroad.

“We are going to create a network of Mi Patria Venezuela children's clubs in the consulates, to protect children, to play their music, to dance our dance, to develop sports,” and for young people they will offer the Culmina tu Bachillerato and Culmina tu program. University. “Wherever there is a Venezuelan, they will be able to complete their studies,” said Sassone.

Despite this, he acknowledged that there are difficulties for the return of compatriots since "there are countries that do not allow Conviasa planes to arrive, but we are making alliances with private sector airlines to bring them back home."

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