Resources were approved for the University of Health Sciences

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, approved this Friday resources for 138 petros for the conditioning of the 874 state nuclei of the University of Health Sciences and the second phase of rehabilitation of the main headquarters.

Currently, the University of Health Sciences has 37.528 students, including international high school graduates who are part of the agreements with 37 sister countries.

"Approved! We are going to put the magnifying glass on the nuclei in the states, "said the President.

Likewise, it approved 54 thousand 598 petros to start the second phase of the rehabilitation project of the heritage building of the former headquarters of the Concepción Palacios Maternity, which functions as the central facility of the University.

During the graduation ceremony, 3.276 new community medicine nurses from the Army Promotion of White Coats for Health, highlighted the importance of strengthening the health system in the country, as well as the study houses for the training of the doctors.

Similarly, it announced the payment of a special bonus for graduates and their inclusion in the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV), as beneficiaries.

"Have a meeting with the Minister of Popular Power for Housing and that the Great Housing Mission Venezuela make an assignment to provide housing to these comprehensive community doctors and health professionals," he urged.

In this sense, he explained that the vice president of Social and Territorial Socialism, Eduardo Piñate, will be in charge of coordinating the housing project. "To restore all rights and advance in the construction of a powerful, free and quality public health system," he stressed.



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