Ambulances delivered to the Pasi de Guajira and metropolitan area

With the aim of improving the timely assistance service to patients with covid-19, the governor of the Zulia state, Omar Prieto Fernández, received 2 modern intermediate support ambulances, which will be placed in the metropolitan area and another in the Social Care Points Integral (Pasi) of the Guajira municipality bordering Colombia.

He expressed that the ambulances have the necessary equipment for the isolation of patients with covid-19, at times when they have to be transferred to special units or Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers. "The issue of ambulances guarantees the speed of care as we have been doing in the state."

Mervin Maldonado, Executive Secretary of Somos Venezuela added that the new ambulances demonstrate President Nicolás Maduro's support for the state and permanent work with the Zulia people. "Thanks to strategic alliances we can continue to acquire these elements by breaking the economic blockade."

Supervision of the Pasi de Guajira

With the purpose of supervising the operation of the Comprehensive Social Assistance Points (Pasi) and inspecting the attention to the nationals who enter through the border with Colombia, the Governor of the Zulia state, Omar Prieto Fernández, along with the members of the National Commission of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and Movimiento Somos Venezuela toured the Pasi Santa María de Guana "Samagua", and supervised the entry of Venezuelan citizens who entered through Paraguachón in the Guajira municipality.

Prieto indicated that the accompaniment of the National Commission of the Psuv, headed by the Constituent Pedro Carreño, Mervin Maldonado, Executive Secretary of the Movement We are Venezuela, José Gregorio Vielma Mora, Vice President to Address Religious Affairs of the Psuv and the Constituent Gerardo Márquez, improves the processes of entry of the nationals by the border with Colombia and guarantees that the sanitary protocols and the stipulated time of permanence of each person until they return to their homes are complied with.

Prieto, who thanked the work of all the people who care for patients in the Pasi, ”said that the multidisciplinary care teams remain active in the Pasi to enforce the covid-19 prevention and control protocol.

The Executive Secretary of Somos Venezuela, Mervin Maldonado, stated that in Pasi de Guana there are 273 people housed, who complied with the entry protocols and now comply with the quarantine established in the first instance; they will then move to the destination region where they will start a second quarantine phase. "We made a tour with the authorities to corroborate the state of the Pasi, we thank the Christian mission for the support it provides, here breakfast, lunch and dinner are guaranteed with all the necessary hygiene elements."

He stressed that in the state of Zulia, more than 7 compatriots have been received and a little more than 300 are staying in the Pasi, as part of the inclusive policies of the Bolivarian Revolution that welcomes Venezuelans who return to Homeland.



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