Everything ready in Yaracuy for parliamentary elections on Sunday

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In Yaracuy state, everything is ready to celebrate the elections for the National Assembly this Sunday, confirmed this Thursday the director of the Regional Electoral Office (ORE), Frank Molleja.

He commented that the electoral material and voting machines are already distributed in the 484 polling centers of the 14 municipalities of the entity, and are under security and protection of Plan República troops.

He mentioned that this Friday the 750 voting tables will be installed with their respective members, who received training and accreditations online through the website of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

He also mentioned that the organizations involved with the electoral process, including the Educational Zone, Corpoelec, Bolivarian National Armed Force (Fanb), Movilnet, Cantv, Fedes and the Ministry for Health (which is incorporated in these elections to guarantee the measures of health security due to covid-19) are ready, attentive and with contingency plans in place to develop the election day.

Molleja pointed out that preventive health measures will be redoubled on Sunday with the support of the Republic Plan to avoid possible infections and contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Similarly, he indicated that 47 national observers will be deployed in the entity: 38 from the Social Project organization and 9 from the Education Assembly, who will supervise the election process and check how the related processes are developed, to finally make a report that they will deliver to the national authorities of the CNE.

The official recalled that the electoral population enabled in Yaracuy to participate this Sunday, December 6, is 465.692 citizens, who will elect six deputies for the entity: three nominal and three per list, with their respective alternates.

Republic Plan

The Republic Plan has kept 4.848 military personnel deployed since last Tuesday in the 484 voting centers of the entity, in order to protect the electoral material, the facilities and guarantee the security of the voters and the personnel who will work on Sunday in the national parliamentary elections.

The coordinator of the plan in the entity, General Luis Vargas Roca, reported this Thursday that 50 vehicles are also activated to protect the voting centers in the 14 municipalities.

"Everything is ready for the development of the electoral event and the Republic Plan is activated and prepared to face any eventuality that may arise," said Vargas.

He stressed that the military personnel, in addition to their protection and security functions, will contribute to the preventive health plan to avoid possible contagion of covid-19 and contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The officials of the Plan República will leave the voting centers next Monday, December 7, after the equipment and electoral material have been completely removed, which will be transferred to the collection centers destined for safe storage.