A man arrested for inducing a young woman to take her own life

The Cicpc arrested Kenny Eddy Pirela Vílchez (35) in Maracaibo (Zul) for allegedly inducing his ex-partner Karolay Nileana Medina Espinosa (15) to commit suicide, the scientific police reported on his Instagram account.  

Kenny broke off his love affair with Karolay. The man had started another relationship with a fifteen-year-old friend of Karolay. This caused a depressive picture in the girl that kept her in tension until the day when Kenny told her to do "whatever she wanted," according to the Cicpc version.   

After that last conversation, the girl made an attempt on her life using a rope. 

Once the investigations began, the detectives established the link between Kenny with the death of his ex-partner. For this reason, he was arrested in the Belloso sector of the capital of Zulia. The subject was handed over to the 33rd Prosecutor of the Public Ministry.  



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